Battlemage: Magic by Mail—Defend your kingdom with forbidden magic!

Oh, that makes more sense. I took the healing the hoof option, so I didn’t know the details.

So I started playing the game for the first time, and there’s one negative thing to say about it. It’s about Loyalty - Ambition slide, and more precisely that the definition of loyalty that some characters ask is not actually loyalty but obedience, blind obedience in case of Kelton.

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Sigh I have to agree with you even the princess during that dance when the mc sneak off to look for her she thought we were spineless for following rules why are we still asking our master for advice I really don’t understand that loyalty stat why couldn’t we be loyal to the queen not the knight who kicked us out for learning magic

Loyalty should be for kingdom or people (if you betray them or not)
Obedience should be for your superior or royals people(you follow orders or not)

That’s what I think

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I have a question I went to confront El Cano and now there are four letters floating around me? Is this a riddle? Am I getting riddled? If so what is the answer and how would I have known it?

Edit: Nevermind I is slow

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Those are not riddles they are just letters for each branch of magic u know I is for illusion

The part about not using magic for myself gets me though. During the first tournament, I used magic on the water to invigorate Sir Kelton and then healing magic to heal Roja and I got corruption each time. Both of those are pretty selfless if you ask me and certainly not for my benefit.

It’s cheating. The thing about using magic for yourself wasn’t an accurate guess.

I really loved this book. And the epilogue is really solid but it seems to leave room for a sequel.
Am I correct if I assume there are plans for a sequel or am I just being silly?

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Thank you! We’ll see, but if there is it might not be the kind of sequel you expect!

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How i can get poly relationship?

Get multiple people to kiss you. At the end of the game, however, only one NPC might give you the opportunity for a long-term relationship. That’s just how life goes.

Okay okay, I see I see.
Excellent way to hype me up.
Now im curious af and my brain is making overtime in coming up with theories and headcannons :smiling_imp:

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Providing good first aid is cheating?


I THINK this was a response to my comment. If so, why exactly is healing the hoof or our knight cheating? It’s just medical treatment. Medical treatment with a stigma to overcome, but medical treatment nonetheless. I did it because I was concerned for them.

I don’t understand why my previous post was marked as spam while I was reporting for the issue if you guys don’t believe here the screenshot I got after I downloaded the game from playstore.

There it said the game contain malware trojan virus.

It written in Indonesia language I don’t know how to change the language setting.

Use google translate or something to read.

It’s because the mc knew that healing the horse in the traditional way wouldn’t have made a difference to the tournament while healing it through magic is almost instantaneous and could turn the odds in his knights favour. That knowledge is what makes it increase corruption

Hi Rultimate, I can only provide support on the code of the game itself. For the app, please email support at choiceofgames do com.

Fair, but NOT healing the horse could have lead to the injury being exacerbated. It’s a pick your poison scenario and I consider that the greater poison.