Basic help for writing and coding a game

I know that very few people will respond soon because it is midnight but I would like some basic help for writing a game

I need help on coding for magic and combat, mass combat, and a large complex stat screen such as coding large amounts of stat making journals keeping track of troops defenses buildings relationships events characters time and multiple options all in a stat screen.

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Sure. I’d gladly help once you have a specific question.

U.K. timezone. Morning time for me. :yum:

Not sure if you’ve seen it already, but Choice of Games does have it’s own “Make your own games” section, where it teaches the basics of choicescript. It’s pretty easy and straight-forward to follow. Most of what you need to know is already on there. :blush:

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Subroutines is one thing you should look up.
thy can be a lifesaver

Truly? I have written over 100 thousand words (with code) and I only just started using them. I think it depends on the game.

if you want elaborate stat screens…

If the game leans on towards the RPG elements (which I think this game does), then it’s really helpful.