Balance of Superpower (WIP Superhero, Sci-Fi, Romance)

Hi, everyone! :slight_smile:

I’ve mostly completed my game called Balance of Superpower, but it can use some testing.

In it, you play as a non-binary person with superpowers and study at the academy for people like you. You raise your heroic stats and go through wacky adventures. There are eight best friend/love interest routes in the game as well.

The game is mostly complete, with 9 chapters and sixty thousand words overall.

To play the demo, go here:


Hi @Rustem_Khafizov,

Your demo can’t be accessed because it’s a link to files on your desktop, not an online link that others can utilize. The easiest way to host a demo to be tested is to upload your text files to, which is what the majority of the WIPs here do. There are instructions on the website on how to upload your files, which are fairly straightforward. Good luck!


Thank you! :slight_smile:
The game should be accessible now.


D-do we have to :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: play as a :nauseated_face: s-su-superhero :face_vomiting: or can we become evil? :sweat_smile:


Not really, but there is a secret ending in which you join the villains, you need to have at least 90 selfish to get it, however. :slight_smile:


oh, I just started the demo and I’m a bit confused.

is the protag a prefixed character?


Yes, their name and superpowers can’t be changed, but you can shape their personality! :slight_smile:


Decently far along which is a great refresher!

I like it, got the fox in a henhouse ending


Hmm why alley cat remind me of cat noir from miraculous ladybug cartoon?it sort of funny. Anyway this is a nice game hope to see the next installisation.


The description of interpersonal powers contradicts how they are used in the game.

They are defined as affecting other people, often mentally.

That would make healing powers interpersonal, not environmental, but the game says otherwise.

It claims that lip reading would be an example of interpersonal, but it doesn’t affect others, so by definition it doesn’t qualify.

The Indian super’s power to sense people with powers was, I believe, labeled interpersonal, but since her powers don’t affect other people they don’t qualify according to the definition given in game.

The definition you apparently meant was the ability to sense things about other people.


Yeah, Interpersonal powers are supposed to be related to mental and emotional aspects of people.

As for healing, it depends. For instance, Dove’s healing is generated from her, thus it’s Environmental, but there is a character on the Japanese team, in one of the endings, whose power is to speed up the healing process of another person, meaning that healing mainly comes from that person, whereas Dove can heal even someone who is already dead. That’s the difference, but I should have made it more clear in the game, I apologize.

You’re absolutely right about the lip reading part, it should be in the Enhanced category.

Thank for the feedback! :slight_smile: I’ll be posting an update later today.


I based him on a character from another project of mine, but Cat Noir is indeed quite similar. :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


It’s a cool idea, but I feel like I don’t have any choice in the game. MC already has a name and set gender, I feel like this might work as a traditional book.


Fair enough, but I just felt there aren’t enough stories with non-binary main characters :slight_smile:


i agree. i can deal with the gender being set (two genders is easy coding but three for instance adds a bit more difficulty) because thats fair enough, but taking away the option of inputting our own name just kinds of kills the joy i have in the story (and tbh i never really make it very far past the first couple of pages). Being able to customise your character is a big part of the reason people play these games again and again, even if the choices in the actual story dont have much variety.


The examples of interpersonal powers still includes something that doesn’t make sense- learning new languages quickly.

How does an ability that allows one to learn languages quickly affect others? That should be enhancement.

So I went with high offense this time.

With 95% offense, I get snuggle time with Mane’s hair for attacking him.

With 100% offense, I lack the skills to defeat Resonance.

With 100% offense my buddies ought to be pulling me off so my character doesn’t bite Resonance’s ear off.

And I feel there ought to be an option to get a study buddy or form a study group, so one can further personal relationships while studying.

How about an option to volunteer to fight blood guy so he isn’t stuck fighting Hawk? Either to help him out or out of being disappointed that one didn’t get to show off.


Whoa, thanks for a lot of input! :slight_smile:

Let’s start with the languages thing; the description says “…being able to understand other languages without learning them”, implying that you can understand what people are saying even if you don’t know the language at all, it’s a bit like telepathy, which is why it’s Interpersonal. You might thinking of Sami, who speaks 300 languages. His powers are indeed Enhanced, because his actual augmentation gives him incredible memory, which he then used to learn different languages. That’s the difference.

As for the offense things, in all of those cases the bad guys are supposed to defeat you. With Mane, an offensive approach doesn’t work, since he expects it, regardless of how proficient Rio is in combat.
With Resonance, his abilities are just too much for Rio to deal with, which is why it doesn’t matter how skillful Rio is.

I like the idea about study groups, but the problem is that the characters have varying class schedules, some aren’t even in the Hero Program. Plus, I wanted to show the characters in their “natural habitats” more, so to speak.

Rio can’t volunteer, since they already passed the test at that point, plus that would likely lead to Oliver losing, which means he wouldn’t be able to join the program.


I feel like censoring Madison’s swear words is detrimental and cheapens the impact she’s supposed to have. Also, I’m a fan of My Hero too, but an angry explosion hero who swears is a little too close to Bakugo for my liking.


I guess, but I actually think that censoring the swearwords makes them more impactful, as if the story itself tries to reel Madison in. Though there is one instance in the game where a swearword is not censored :slight_smile:

Yeah, her abilities are inspired by Bakugo, but her personality is actually based on Hawk’s. Madison is kind of like a younger, more evil version of her. :slight_smile: