Awoken (Fantasy WIP) - updated 16/May/2017


I got a commission done by kisu-no-hi on Tumblr of the apprentices! :heart_eyes:


ahgsdkasdkhasdkjahskjdasd SPIDERS!

Still despite my arachnophobia, its really good art... SPIDERS THOUGH ugh...


Shame I couldn't get both. But how about art for the mysterious stranger?


Oh God, I guess I just fell for Aden :heart_eyes:


Dang, Aden's a lot taller than I'd anticipated! Or he just seems really tall next to her. :joy: I really like his nose, not gonna lie. Dang it, @Scribblesome, you know how to make me consider straying from Cren... :sob: I'm going to wind up playing a two timing scumbag by accident.


@Tevin: I'd love to get art of everyone, but it would get pricey!

@Lyanna: that profile though

@Lithophene: bit of both, he's tall and she's five foot nothing. Also "accident", sure :wink:

@DisturbedOne: Sorry! Only a toy/mechanised spider, if that helps?


It is, I swear! :cry: I see a flirt option and my instincts just scream at me to click it. I am a weak man- a very weak man at the beck and call of both Aden and Cren. Also... buh. I meant to answer your question a while back but completely forgot. Sorry!

I think my main MC supporting the rebels is just... hoping for peace right now. The few memories he has available combined with the stories Mara and Cren have shared with him paint a pretty bad image of the current system. Right now, my MC wants to put the True Terricks in charge. He needs more information though. Impulsive as he may be, he's not so brash as to try and overthrow the powers that be on a whim. So, right now, he's hoping to find out the truth and either broker some sort of peace or put the rebels in charge.


That's in the present, though (pretty obvious things aren't all ok in the present). What about the past?


Y'mean why he supported the rebels during the flashbacks? /scratches chin/ :thinking: Honestly? I think a large part of it can be summed up to "just for the hell of it". My MC's not too big a fan of pomposity (he really hates people looking at him as if he were a divine being incarnate) and the Baron's constant demands to increase taxes and being a nuisance with his messengers is probably what tipped my fella over from neutrality. His farmer roots probably play a big factor too - I'm sure a lot of farmers were suffering in the past due to the insane taxes i.e. the prisoners we can rescue by supporting the rebels.


Eh past!MC is probably only feed up with the baron's leadership style that includes annoying her and distracting her from her work...also (like I already mentionend in a previous post) the high taxes are not only an annoyance but by now also seem to be the best way to drive the country in a famine...what is the best way to even lead the normally law-abiding citizens to rebell...So I guess past!MC's reason to support the rebellion is not so much idealism but spite and a little bit opportunism (in the sense that if this all anyway will end in a rebellion the best chances to get a favorable position - which includes mostly to be left alone for her own work - in the new order the rebels try to build up is to help them enough that they end up being indebted to her.)?

Also about the picture...I knew it was a good decision to choose Aden :kissing_closed_eyes:


Soo...You are pretty much telling me that Malina is a smol powerful ball of disdain? Okay, that's cute. :blush: (though I guess she would try to kill whoever told her this...) Do we get an oppertunity to tease her when the MC is taller than her? Aww cuteness overload, Aden gets some competition. :persevere:

Huh wasn't there one art of them somewhere close to the beginning of the thread? Or somewhere in the middle? Or something...

...yes, there was (at least I'm pretty sure it's them because who else should it be??)


Smol and angry :slight_smile:


I know the angry part probably should discourage me from wanting to tease her about being so smol but the truth actually makes the thought of teasing her a little bit more appealing. :sweat_smile: I really should create another MC who's status as Awoken led to them ending up quite careless about danger only to let them try romancing Malina...

Smol and angry together with cheery and optimistic... (I'm a sucker for such dynamics :sweat_smile:)


Thats actualy what was begining to happen in my playtrough. My character is cooperative, kind and subtle so ending up with Malina relationship being 50 surprised but really didnt bother me. My character took in Malina as an apprentice because she was clearly powerfull but needed more compassion otherwise I feel she would probably end up murdering someone who didnt deserve it. Seems its begining to work too so that make me pretty happy.


I enjoy it can't wait for more


I must say that you have some great stuff brewing here :smile:
Absolutely loving the characters, lovely, all of them.
Side note: I've been following Kisu-no-hi for a while now and when I saw your commission, all I could think was Awesome


@BlueSkies and @Harley_Robin_Evans - thanks, guys :smiley:

Ok, so sadly still can't put an ETA on an update. I need to stop writing short but fat fight scenes! Currently working on the neutral path and some nice (potentially) scenes with the apprentice :slight_smile:


As long as there is more time with Malina then I'll be happy, I don't want her feeling neglected by me :wink:


I wouldn't worry about that! I think the apprentice probably gets the most screentime after Silver.


It's been a while since I've last read it but I love it still! It's amazing!


Is it just me or did the stranger become more talkative? Sorry it's been a long time since i played the demo and as far as i remember the stranger is kinda silent which makes him mysterious and interesting (in my opinion). Not really sure if this was the WIP or i just mixed-up two stories XD