Awoken (Fantasy WIP) - updated 16/May/2017


Saved me from a fall there @Scribblesome, hint to us what they may be or is that against the rules?


Royalty :wink:
(20 chars)


It’s the Baron’s messenger, isn’t it?! I knew that rascal was up to something! (I’m completely joking, though I am interested now. Will we meet them at the dance/gala/ball/thing?)


You’ll see… :smirk:


You tease me so, @Scribblesome:sob: They’re gonna have to be one heck of a charmer to draw my attention away from Cren and Aden though.


I hate to say it but I’m also toying with the idea of making Serel (the Baron) an LI because it would be hilarious :smile: also because I’ve thought up way more about his character than i ever meant to :sweat_smile:

@Lithophene, no love for Vin?


I haven’t gotten to spend enough time with Vin to really be interested in him/them. :sweat_smile: Plus, I always end up feeling awful when I try flirting with him since Aden always gets awkward on me. Maybe I’ll try a run without him there, but Vin still has the least content of the currently known ROs, no?


Not after this chapter :smirk:


Then I’ll be sure to let you know how I feel about him after the update! :kissing_heart:


I think a good idea would be to play up the amnesia angle more. I see lots of story potential in dissonance between the MCs memories and who they are now. It’d be intersting thing for roleplaying .


Yeah, I’ve been thinking about how to deal with the possible change in personality - also how far that can go. Realistically, if the MC was a complete murder-people-because-you-feel-like-it bastard in the past, no one’s going to believe that they’ve become a nice person.


And just what are you trying to assert there sir? Lol


Well that would be part of the struggle should MC have a complete change of heart…Would make sticking to the newly won priorities even more difficult and frustrating.

Or a MC who used to invest all their energy into others just to end up trying to convince others that they are a jerk that wants to be left alone now…killing a bunch of people…only for others to insist they only would do it for the greater good…


So, rebels supporters, what are you hoping to get out of it? Negotiations? Complete overthrow? Or maybe just a group of fighters you can use to your own ends? What would be the ideal solution in your MC’s minds?


I would want negotiations


If I go rebel at some point its because I am a tevinter magister in waiting lol


Omg! I just finished this and it was so good! No bugs or anything wrong to point out, I’m loving the story and the direction it’s taking, excellent writing, excellent characters!

[spoiler]Just a little detail, when I clicked on start from chapter 6 it said “You found Silver injured in the forest and helped them get back to the safehouse.” And we’re not supposed to know their name yet so I suppose it needs to be changed to “You found the stranger in the forest and helped them get back to the safehouse”??

Though it felt bad having to choose from Malina and Aden, like the one I don’t choose will be my enemy or something later >O< and there’s definitely something else going on apart from the wars and rebellions, what with the Awoken ones agh everything it’s so exciting!

Come on, is there really no way for Silver to be a romance option? I mean you’re an amnesiac so you’re practically free to fall in love with anyone, even if you go inside “your memories” it would feel like an out of body experience, yes I’m inside them, but I might as well be watching a movie because the main character could choose to be a different person. Even with the spoilery past, is it completely unthinkable and out of character for Silver to fall in love with a main character that might be different from the person they knew? Hahaha, well anyway, even if Silver isn’t a romance option I will still play the game because it’s just too good and it shows promise (just give me my achievement for not romancing anyone hahaha) [/spoiler]


Thanks, and you’re right, the MC should only know the stranger as Silver by then if you mentioned them to Cren and Mara.

Aha, another one for the Silver fan club :stuck_out_tongue: But the thing is, it’s not the MC’s personality that’s a problem, it’s something fundamental that hasn’t changed with the amnesia. And I couldn’t change it without creating a massive plot hole.


Hahaha ohh I see! Well it’s ok, it’s probably better for the story and that’s good too, now I’m even more curious haha~ I’ll probably romance Vin then, he’s second on my list xD

Also a thought I had after thinking more about it, I think it would be good to have options in the future for the protagonist to be mad at people if they treat them like they used to in the past (if the main character wants to become someone different), something like telling others “the person you used to know is gone, get used to it”, that could even create some tension with romance options too (or be a way to break up with them if you want to pursue someone else in the present??) gdkslf (sorry I’m a fan of angst xDDDDD)


Ooh don’t worry there’s going to be plenty of angst. :imp: