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Silver's always been a snarky individual in my opinion. :joy:


I see...then i might have mixed-up two stories then, my bad.


Plus, Silver's they/them not he/him. If you're looking for (another) WiP with the Stranger, I think it's Freakhouse? Unless you already found it. There's a Stranger and he says very little...a lot less charming than Silver lol.


Mmm? What about The Stranger in my story? :imp: Mine has black hair and is obsessed with the MC, does that ring any bells? :smiling_imp:


Yeah, Silver's not so much the silent type as the "physically unable to resist the opportunity to be a smartass' type.


I already found it, and it's called Second Chances. Thanks for replying anyways. flies away


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Small but important question - does your MC trust Silver?

  • Yes
  • No



It's more of a trust born out of necessity (for now?), but yes. :thinking:


I should point out that the trust and rel stats are separate - you don't have to dislike them to not trust them.


Wow, 100% so far! But why though?


They've been really helpful and seem too blunt to be manipulative, I guess. Obviously, Silver's got secrets, like their name lol, but they seem honest. They haven't lied, to my knowledge, unless you count omission as lying.


In my case, it's like I'd said. Necessity. Silver is currently the only person with the means to help my MC recover his memories. He's not oblivious to Silver's shady nature, but right now he's got no one else to turn to. What're Cren and Mara gonna do? Without Silver, the memories might not come back in time - if at all. My MC has no choice but to trust him for now. I'd say that he's probably at a solid 70% trust and 30% distrust. :yum:

My minor side MC trusts them because he saw Silver in their moment of weakness while they were injured and just... felt the need to help and trust them. :sweat_smile:


Though, to put it truthfully, they don't seem to particularly like helping us. I think it is instead that they were somehow magically forced to... "Bound" perhaps?... "Silver" that is.


For right now my mc trusts him but mostly because of necessity


Because my MC is naive and stupid with nearly no framework to decide about trust or distrust until she starts to regain her memories...and after that she gets sentimental about Silver because she cannot be angry at poor hurt kitty-Silver who likes people reading to them... (also MC cannot love them like a RO, so I at least let MC trust them like a friend).


Trust? Absolutely not. Rely on? Unfortunately yes.

I think @COGZealot is on the right track that Silver needs to help us. I'm not sure if it's as simple as aligning goals like Silver seems to imply, or if there's more to it.

I still suspect there is some sort of magical connection between us and and them. Perhaps even a connection to our inability to use the magic since our reintroduction. I never trust anything I don't understand, so I'll work with them for now but will stay vigilant.


You are right. We only have to look at how happy they are to ram MC's head into the memory well... nothing that will have negative longterm effects on MC and it will not even seriously hurt them, but it sure as hell is uncomfortable for MC.
And I think by now that's the worst kind of harm that Silver can cause to the MC (without ending up harming themself that's it.)


I'm far more trusting than I should be in general, but Silver really does seem to know the MC in a way that at least feel like he was an ally, if not a friend...Yes, I have no logical argument for this, my heart is more in control of my choices than my brain :smiley:


You’re a romantic. :tongue: