Automatic hide_reuse?

Since I last updated my version of ChoiceScript, my WiP has found a new and exciting way to crash which makes playtesting impossible.

It’s acting as if hide_reuse is now the default setting. Every time any choice loops back on itself, none of the previously selected options appear. (And just to be clear, *hide_reuse appears nowhere in these choices.)

As those who’ve playtested XoR will understand, this makes everything from Chapter Two onward very quickly unplayable. I keep ending up with a “no selectable options” crash.

It seems to be true both of my local copy and of the one I’ve uploaded to Dashingdon. Different browsers are having the same problem. So I’m cautiously guessing that this is a bug in the current CS version – but happy to be offered something else to try! @dfabulich, any thoughts?

[Note: the problem turns out to have been my misunderstanding of what an unindented *hide_reuse command does. I had in fact set hide_reuse as the default setting for my main Chapter Two scene, though I’d only intended it to apply to the choice immediately following the command. No bug in CS, just in my grasp of CS!]


I just put this code in startup.txt and it worked as expected, allowing me to select “x” multiple times without issue.

*label choice
    *goto choice
    *goto choice
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Is this your CS version? :point_down:

I found nothing wrong with it. My WIP uses that version of CS and there’s no “hidden” choices. (I’m not sure what you mean by “crashing.” Are you sure it’s a crash? not a bug? or just simply no choices available to make any progression?)

I played the default “My First ChoiceScript Game” and edited the original codes to loop back every time I make a choice there, too. Still normal to me.

And for your WIP, well, it’s my first attempt at opening it… so… :sweat_smile:
So! I give it a shot, and choose the [skip to chapter 2] and begin mashing the choice and next button down, looking for the crash you mentioned.
Well, I reach to week4 without any crash, tho. Maybe you can mention at which part’s unplayable?

Ah, how embarrassing. I’d somehow come all this time thinking that *hide_reuse at the start of a *choice block would only apply to every option in that choice block. On closer reading, I’ve realized that it applies to the entire scene.

Having suitably demoted one of my *hide_reuse commands to be inline with the #Options rather than just before the (unindented) *choice, I no longer have the problem of it applying to all the other choices in the bandits.txt scene.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out, Dan and Szaal, and apologies for not sorting it out myself earlier!