*author - non-existent command


Hello to all! Just have this problem: when I add the “author” command at the top of startup.txt and when I start the game myself it writes me “non-existent command author”. Does somebody know why? Thanks.


*title comes at the top, *author below it, *scene_list below *author and all the *create at the end. I am simply guessing the order might be your problem as I never had any troubles with it myself.


I write the “author” command below the “title” command and it writes me “non-existent command”. I don’t know why. May it depend of a firefox version? I had a problem regarding the “stats” in the game when I had an old version of firefox. It wrote me then “not enough arguments” but I downloaded a new version and this problem vanished.


Is *author new? I have never seen it before


You never have seen this command before?


Me either. Interesting, I would try to use it


@Dmitry It’s a new command, in the newest version of CS. That’s why he has never seen it.

Did you spell it right? Is the indentation right? Did you remember to put a name after it?


I’ve just checked your guess. You’re right. This is a new command and it works in the newest version. Now I understand. Thanks!


@Dmitry It wasn’t a guess. I downloaded CS a few days ago. I assumed you used new version when you tried *author.


Ok. Nonetheless thanks for help!