Author Interview: Joel Havenstone, "Choice of Rebels: Uprising"


Is the game releasing Thursday or November 8th(today)?

It’s probably a typo in the interview that it says 8th instead of 9th. The official thread says Thursday.

That said, I have my eye on the app store and I can’t wait to play Mule Management 2017.


The game releases tomorrow, I fixed the typo. A game is to be considered “released” when our email mailer goes out to the mailing list, and not before. It may or may not be available on various platforms before the mailer goes out.


Yay @Havenstone! Wow! 637,000 words! I think this is a great interview, and I am so excited that this day has (nearly) come!


I really enjoyed reading the interview. Congratulations @Havenstone and good luck with the release!


I still can’t believe it’s finally coming out. I’ve been following this for years now, and it’s here tomorrow.


Pinch, me it is finally happening. Way to go Havie!. :joy:
Now let’s hope it will be on Steam or else I still can’t play it (or at least not mod it to flip every flippable character to male)

“and some of the challengers are markedly worse than what they’re fighting” Subtle, subtle, but in the end that is a highly subjective judgement. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also I thought our mc’s home province was more like France colonized by the Byzantines.


I just purchased it on my IPhone. Can confirm its out on the App Store.


Hooray! An author interview! A release tomorrow! I’m so excited and happy that I can’t help finsihing my sentences with exclamations!

And what a cover! That’s not what I was expecting a Pletkos to look like, but it’s certainly a looker! And the real pearl is the interview, getting a nice peak at the way your mind works as making the Rebelverse is nice. “Britain colonized by the Byzantines” could make a good game out of itself.

And by the way, thanks for the teaching me a new word, @Havenstone, and I hope we see some more of your winsome characters in the future. :wink:


Just purchased on the App Store! So excited to play!


@Havenstone Congratulations! I’ve just downloaded copy from the App Store. Gutted I won’t have the time to play it this evening.

I’m curious about the comparison between the game-world’s religion and evangelical Christianity. Would you mind elaborating on that a little? I’d have pegged the Aztec religion as its closest real-world analogue. (This isn’t intended in any way as a criticism, btw, as I’m not a Christian… just curious as to what you meant by it.)


It’s not unlocked on Steam yet!

Fastest I’ve ever hit purchase on a CoG.


Downloaded the game but it won’t allow me to purchase the full version. Why is that?

That should be fixed now.

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So excited! Is it on Google Play yet?

Congrats, Havenstone. I just purchased my copy on Android, and considering I read most of the WIP, I already know I’ll enjoy it.


I can’t seem to locate it in my Google Play Store. XD

Edit:Found it! =)

Finally, after hearing about the game just after the WiP got taken down, I can finally enjoy the game that I’ve been so hyped to play. Now I just need to wait one more day.