August 2021's Writer Support Thread

Don’t feel bad for blocking them. Like Lady said, there are people out there that has nothing better to do than harass people online. From what I’ve read from your post, you’re an amazing person that helped a lot of people during the pandemic and chances are the people you’ve helped will keep that bully safe.

So focus on the positive. Focus on your well-being. I know it’s hard. I get crushed too when people say bad things about stuff I create. It will hurt today, even tomorrow, but on the next day, open your computer and start writing a second book. You’re creating, you’re making money, that bully will always be a sad person on the internet, that doesn’t want to get a life.

Keep your chin up. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It definitely isn’t about you. Almost every HG or CoG release gets a wave of these shortly after release. Don’t sweat it; they have short attention spans and eventually move on. Best thing is to just ignore them.

@Gilbert_Gallo Just look at it as a positive: this is part of your initiation as a HG author. Now you are a part of the tribe!


Thank you very much for your kind words. I love this community and I’m proud to be part of it :love_letter:


I have started to read your story, and I think it is great. I love the references and the Humor. I am definetely waiting for someone who uses the a-word towards Sam and gets beaten up. So do not worry too much, sooner than later the trolls have to hide under their bridge again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:


That’s awful, I’m sorry to hear you had to deal with that. I got a few aggressive/trolly reviews when my game first came out, but I never had to deal with private messages (probably because I write under a pen name, so they wouldn’t be able to track me down on Facebook even if they tried). Definitely reporting them was the right thing to do, though sadly I doubt that FB will do anything.

Just remember that you completed and put out a full game, which is more than that person would ever be able to do. Their inexplicable rage is just an expression of their own inadequacy, and no reflection on you.


Well, got my WIP up… very subdued hopes for this one, it doesn’t really do anything incredible and it’s not in a popular genre, really. But if people like it enough i’ll likely finish it–if they don’t i’ll move onto something else. woohoo!


Thank you @Kaelyn and @Schliemannsghost . Your words mean a lot to me. And thanks to this incredible community. I feel so protected and powerful when I’m here.


Went “one more chapter” and I’m 10,000 words in and what feels like halfway through. Coded a minigame and everything. And of course I’d want to do another very short chapter after this one, as well, just to tie it together …


Here it is the 15th, and I am working on:

  • Project One goal: Rewriting based on feedback – Percent complete: 50%


  • Project Two goal: Complete the “Social” scene – Percent complete: 0%

There are sixteen days left, so I still am holding out hope that I can make both goals this month.


There has been a release by @Whitelocke since the beginning of the month, so I’ll update the first post to reflect this fact.

Congratulations, @Whitelocke!

I’ll check back at the end of the month with everyone. Good luck on your goals for the month until then!



The goal for me this week is to get my WIP into shape to share a demo this weekend!

I’m still early in my story, but this is my first CS project so I want to put it out there and try to get feedback early, if I can. Hopefully everything goes well. :grimacing: I have the whole project outlined until the end, but beginnings are the hardest thing for me to write.


Asking for advice, here - is it a better idea to post an interest check before publishing a WiP, or better to simply post the product when you’ve got a solid piece of it to avoid being discouraged? I’m really leaning toward the latter at present, haha.


I would use the Interest Check thread if you are concerned your premise may not be that enticing to the readership as a whole and want to find out before you invest a lot of time. If you want to write the story no matter what, just skip it and wait to say anything until you have a demo ready to go up on its own thread.


That’s the big question. :slight_smile: Personally, I like the idea of writing the story first. I found that it was too time-consuming to explain why I wanted to do things a certain way without the rest of the story to back it up. Also, once it’s done, I could go back to the beginning and make smoother transitions to really showcase what I was after.

I’m willing to make some biggish changes after it’s all done, but it’s true, you can only change so much at that point.

You need thick skin to share work, and yes, getting discouraged to the point of not finishing is a very real thing. I figure the skills you gain by finishing something may very well outweigh the advantage of many eyes early on.

But, that’s just my opinion. I see other people getting great encouragement and gaining excellent ideas that are much easier to implement before you write the rest of the game.


That’s what sounds best to me. Thanks!

This is what I am most afraid of! I’m not prepared to be deterred by a single or couple of posts, I’d rather let my work speak for itself, you know? There’s only so much a single post can get across about a project. Thank you!


This is a big one – but at the same time, at least on CoG people are usually very understanding and helpful, or at least polite enough to not post if they don’t like it and don’t have anything constructive to suggest. It’s the trolls in the app store reviews once you get published you gotta remember not to read.


I totally understand that. I lurked for a year, made my entire first game (Life of a Wizard) and didn’t tell anyone in the real world what I had done until it was about to release. :slight_smile: I’ve gotten better at sharing my work, but I still do it on my terms.

Yes, the people on the forums here are great. Very supportive and kind. Don’t be discouraged to show your work. Make what you like and have fun doing it.

Finishing the project is the biggest battle. Get it done and then worry about whether people will like it because then you’ll have something to work with and either improve upon or learn from.


I have been expanding the end of chapter 4. Currently working on a fight scene… that’s more of a mook horror show that’s inspired by shadow of Mordor/War. It’s pretty fun to write. However, I’ve been writing instead of studying for my trials for most of the day.


Oof, 3700 words today. That’s longer than a few of the other scenes in this project. The chapter just passed 15,000 words, damn. Still four more little subscenes to go, and then one much smaller chapter after that, and then I go back and add to a bunch of other stuff and work in call-backs and self-references and make sure continuity is all up to snuff, and then test it all, and only then will I be satisfied enough to post it as an update.


Hello, everyone. I was browsing through r/coolguides and I found a couple guides that could be useful for describing environments and characters. If some of these contain misinformation of any kind, let me know.


A significant amount of the vocab here would only be used in a story for the purpose of the author bragging about knowing what the words mean.