At Your Service [in progress]-BETA TESTER NEEDED

So there you can play as soldier from the afghanistan war The Story Start At The 9/11 incident the Game Is Simple But The Story is good If You Have Suggestion of my story pls dont hesitate to email me
Email me:

Currently it’s about (8%, 1 Chapters, 386 Words) done, and I plan on updating every 1 week. Its Almost Half Of Chapter 1 Now

Pls Support My Game Thanks

After i done Chapter 1 i want to you all test because i want To kbow if There are Some Spelling Mistakes And Some Grammar Mistakes (because im not american lol)

If you want to test my game here’s the link

I Put the Save Game There So You Can Save your Progress In the Next Time I Update it so you can restore you saved game

Credit:Wikipedia (thanks for some information)


Sounds awesome cant wait to test it out.

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A little off topic but… I think you forgot to include a spoiler in your spoiler alert. :yum:


It sounds interesting

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Need more of a discrion and can we get scars and may need a save and tell us when demos get updated in title

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I will make beta Test Sooner after im done in chapter 1 this week So You Can Try it

How do i make an save game?

:ballot_box_with_check: smPluginMenuAddon save plugin when you make or edit your game at, then add *sm_init at_your_service | 3 in your game startup.txt.

You can test it now but the chapter 1 is not completed yet but you can test it out

Thank you i put some save game feauture on my game

Where is the beta testing thing

Server can not be found

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Wait I Will Fix The Link First

I change the link test it now

I won’t be long here, so here’re some quick feedback.

  1. The Capitalization In Each Word is pretty unusual in writing. I’d recommend you to fix the consistency of the capitalization on the entire story.
  2. You Quickly Say GoodBye To Your Mother And Father And Your Wife Your Wife Is Currently Working in World Trade Center Your Mother and Father Is Currently retired from there work after you graduated in military school
    You need to chop down this text. Ignoring the capitalization, the continuity in this snippet is none. It can be really hard to read through this part (and other similar parts)
  3. The section asking your dad’s, mom’s, and wife’s name is too mandatory and obvious. It feels like answering a questionnaire rather than reading a story.
    Oh, and BTW, I named them all as “Bob.”
  4. Broken image on the “wake up and watch news” section.
    Firefox can’t find the file at /D:/D. Folder/Downloads/worldtrade.jpeg.
  5. We Need To Stop This Terrorism Attacks We Need An Bigger Plan
    Indefinite article a vs an. An bigger plan > A bigger plan

You need to sort your link out

Good luck on this project of yours, though I really think its too early for you to consider this project of yours being in a beta stage.

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