Associated accounts in the Forum + Steam possibility?


While getting myself familiarized with the Forum and its workings, I noticed the possibility to associate accounts (currently Twitter, Google, and Facebook). I tried to look around the forum for answers to this - apologies if I was remiss on my search!

Am I correct in understanding that the account association serves only as an additional option of authentication, and that there is no way to have the account displayed “automatically” in our profiles if we so choose?

And, the point that originally peaked my interest when I saw the option to link accounts: has it been considered to allow Steam account association, if at all possible? (I am not familiar with this type of board specifically, so the question comes from having grown used to linking my Steam account on various platforms, if not using it to authenticate into them as well with their OpenID thingie.)

Thank you in advance!


Not sure if you can link Discourse account with Steam. Have you tried inputting your username#IDnumber or linking your Steam account to the corresponding box?

Thanks for the link! It does clarify that indeed the account association does not serve as an option for displaying the accounts information, rather mostly for authentication purposes.

Additionally though, unless I understood it incorrectly, the working alternative provided there (besides just listing your account information in your “About Me” as a plain text) would only be able to be implemented by the board administrators by editing the fields available to the users, right?

You also helped me understand what keywords to use for trying to find out more about Steam possibility… I found this:

Given CoG’s further branching into Steam, I thought just an account association with Steam might be neat to have here (like we have for Twitter for instance)… Not sure this type of feature for login would be of interest though?

Considering only a few of us here owns Steam, and adding that not all games are put to Steam, I don’t think CoG considers this as priority. But hey, I’m not speaking for the company, here.