Ask Nocturnal_Stillness anything!

So as I wait to see how my submission goes I am not writing and taking a little break. Yet, I’d still like to do something productive. So I’ve decided to make this post.

You can ask me anything!

It can be about me, writing, the unnaturalverse or one of the four submitted concepts (Quiver, vampire’s servant, daemonglass and blades and brethren)

The only thing I won’t tell you is my bank details or where I’ve buried my treasure. Everything else is fair game.

So ask away!


Give us the three-sentence blurb version of each of your four story concepts.

Also, do you have a pet? And if so, may we see pictures?


Favorite pizza topping?


Quiver; pull on the hood of the famous outlaw and along with your Merry Men steal from the rich to give to the poor. Use the ways of the bandit to help deal with rotten nobles and stop the wicked machinations of the Sherrif of Nottingham. Find someone to let under your hood in the Merry Men or somewhere else.

The Vampire’s servant; live your life with your beloved spouse during the day. Serve your vampire master at night. Find suitable victims for your master while trying to keep your spouse off the menu.

Daemonglass; use your knowledge of runecraft to alter the world around you. Track down and recapture escaped daemons. Find out who was responsible for their escape.

A tales of blades and brethren; guide a team of mercenaries against a backdrop of war. Choose your jobs carefully, take part in the war, skirt around it or avoided it completely. Increase your reputation for more higher profiled jobs, higher pay and even higher risks.

I have two cats. Merlin and Lily.


I like various meats like chicken, beef and pork. I am also partial to ham and pineapple!

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Pet them for me please.

After reading the descriptions of your concepts, I definitely want to play The Vampire’s Servant most, but Daemonglass would probably be my second pick.

So, more questions:

Do you have a favorite IF (that you didn’t write)?

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

What do you believe would happen if you went back in time and attempted to murder your grandfather?


I’ll pet them for you.

My favourite IF has to be Fallen Hero: Rebirth, I really enjoyed the story. But I’ve also enjoy Zombie Exodus, Sabres of Infinity and Wayhaven and waywalkers.

My themesong would have to be Stand by Me by Ben E King.

If I went back in time to murder my grandfather I’d make sure I went back to a time after the relevant parent was born therefore not wiping myself from experience.


Two questions (or possibly three.)

  1. Why are both of the kitties looking at you like “why do you have the camera out again, human?”
  2. Given that you won’t tell us where the treasure is buried, will you at least tell us where the bodies are buried?
    2a) Or should we just ask the cats instead?

Bonus question! If a woodchuck chucks wood, does a wombat womble bats?


Where is the One piece?


How does it feel to be back in the saddle again?


what’s the meaning of
life the universe and everything ? :thinking:


Have you have a good week so far?

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How do I tell my friend we’ve grown apart over the years and I no longer feel like I can rely on him?


Thread summary this far:
- Serious writing questions
- Personal questions
- Random existential/phylosophical questions
- Will

If you would write UnNatural (both seasons) now, what would you do differently? And what would you keep the same?


I suppose maybe a good question is…
Who were your top 3 characters to create enjoyment wise in no particular order and why them?


Because I often take photos and they are both little posers.

The bodies are buried under an oak tree that has been struck thrice by lightning.

A womblebat does indeed womble bats but only on a Wednesday.


The one piece is buried in Konoha.


It feels good to be working on something new. I loved every second of working on the unnaturalverse but due to the delays I was getting a bit burnt out which is why I wanted to work on something new.


The meaning of life is to life, love, laugh and locate those who make you feel like you’re at home.


It’s been a busy week with my actual job but I’m excited for what comes next.

My too 3 characters to write were in no particular order were Denise and Lakota in Season One and Victor from Season Two.

Denise because I like the fact I make lycanthropes different to werewolves and I’ve got to play with that and introduce dynamics around that. Plus she is adorable.

Lakota because I liked writing him and his fae ways.

Victor was written in Season One as an asshole yet people loved the bad boy so in Season Two I had to work on that especially for the ones who wanted to romance him. I had to have the vampire killer open up his heart whilst still keeping his core character intact.


You tell them that while you have enjoyed and been grateful for their friendship, you feel lately they have been drifting apart and that distance between you is making you feel you could no longer rely on them and you want to end the friendship before the bad memories eclipse the good ones.


Yes its been an interesting topic.

If I could go back I would define grab my younger self by the ear and tell him to not dream so big for your first game. I had to scrap several ideas because I was a complete coding noob and they proved too difficult to get to work.

I would keep the same the fact I am quite open with my writing processes and discuss things with the readers. It is something that I personally enjoy and has always helped improve my writing.


Having been meeting authors at book conferences and signing events every chance I got since I was eleven years old, I feel compelled to raise the old “Author Q&A” standbys:

  • What made you want to become a writer?
  • What are your favorite books?
  • And of course, where do you get your ideas?
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I wanted to write because I love to read and enjoy exploring worlds created by others so wanted to share some of my own.

My favourite book series atm is the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy.

My ideas tend to be stray thoughts as I’m going about my day or based off a dream I had.


Where did the inspration for Unnatural come from or which show or book did u love so much the idea of Unnatural was born?

I wanted to make UnNatural because of my love of Supernatural, Buffy and Grimm. I enjoy urban horror stuff and love the monster of the week aspect.