As the Sun Shines Grey

Hey!!! I’ve begun work on my new game As the Sun Shine’s Grey. In it, you play a thirteen year old kid who is a victim of a mass kidnapping. The three issues here are

  • The kidnappers aren’t out for ransom

  • One of you is killed every week

  • The government is not coming to save you

You must therefore find a way to survive in captivity and plot your escape all the while remaining one step ahead of your captors.

Before we begin though, I’d like you to understand that your character is only thirteen years old and this game gets violent and brutal. That being said, I ensured that there are only very few situations where violence cannot be avoided. But even those few situations may be too brutal for some readers.

Although Normega is a fictional place, the names, mannerisms and culture of her people are loosely based on the Igbos of Eastern Nigeria.

You, however are of clan Soulfa. A fairly recent formed settler clan. Therefore you may find this expected conformity loosened a bit when it comes to you.

Currently all I have are:
Prologue, 2300 words
I introduced the game here. My hope is that the reader is captivated or curious at least.

Chapter One, 9300 words
Pardon the lack of choices in this chapter, it gets more interactive, I promise. Here, I introduce some elements of the world you live in, and the game begins.

Chapter Two, 11700 words
The first hurdle, survive this night. Easy, eh?

Chapter Three, 15400 words
Fun fact, the migration taught by the captain is actually copied from how the Igbos migrated in real life.

Chapter Four, 21400
There’s a special route here. I reckon less than 20% of the players will see this one.

I am planning on updating a new chapter once every month.

As I have never written before, I am interested in whatever feedback you can provide. Thank you!

The WIP is available at:

I apologize for being absent. With the COVID situation, I have far more free time on my hands than I have ever had in my life. Even though I am admittedly a slow writer, expect more frequent updates.


There is a little bug here, when I try to look the Show Stats :thinking:


Yeah, I haven’t uploaded the stats yet.

Interesting will need a save or make it easy

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I sincerely have no idea how to implement a save function right now… Will do when I learn how to

Interesting… Will there be a save system implemented?



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Underneath your ‘*create’ portion in your startup, type ‘*sm_init mygame | 3’ (the 3 can be changed to 5, or one or whatever, but I guess too high may cause it to get iffy). Make sure it’s before the start of your story (again, after the *create). It doesn’t pass through quicktest though so I comment it out until it’s ready to be uploaded.

Edit: Actually, here, cause I’m bad at explaining things.

*create omar false
*create aff_omar “0”

*sm_init mygame | 3

Laughter and excited screams fill the air as children run around, cotton candy or candy apples in their hands. The whoosh of the rides, the call of the carnies beckoning you to play their games, it all brings you back to your childhood, when it wasn’t just… you.

In dashingdon, in the edit details page of your game, there should be a box you can checkmark that says to use the saving system. Just make sure to tick it.

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Thanks a lot.

I’m from Nigeria and I’m an igbo so you can ask me any question about the country or tribe


Oh my God! That’s amazing! I’ll definitely consult you if I need clarification with anything

I’m also Nigerian so just know I’m open for questions too


Nice start, though it is going to be a long journey but in my opinion Copper’s Will has potential.

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That was a very nice opening.
I did not expect that. Nice.

That was a very pleasant start to a story and I am actually fairly intrigued by the little world you got going on.

Some random comments now

The fact that 80% of men assuamably died when fighting the civil war from this town is quite spectacular to be honest, I’m gonna assume that the army practised the Russian tactic of running down machine gun nests with shovels.

Also I very much enjoy making my little 11 year old say such appropriate and tasteful curse words such as good old “Fuck”

Very appropriate.
Much tasteful :slight_smile:

But yes I was quite impressed by what was offered here and the world you created sounds quite cool, even though 8 million people going to war with 800 is… well a thing… those must be some stupidly broken magic powers chief.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy:… Yeah I’m still working on those numbers… The Icons are a little bit too OP right now… Will have to work on that.

But as for the 80% who didn’t make it back, most of those ones died at sea. Normega did not have a navy and just scrapped together a rag tag force… And the enemy they faced… I don’t want to spoil :sob::sob::sob::sob:

That feeling when two of Russia’s military in WW1 gets oofed on by the population of a university.
Feels bad man :frowning:

“Most died at sea”

German Uboats intensifies

I imagine That town having around a quarter to third of its pop dead would have been made running their McDonalds hard

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Oh no, not at all, or not as much as the other cities did anyway… Notice how few the people who came to greet the soldiers were. Of all the towns of Normega, Vestruz gave the least fuck about the war. They were far so far up North that they barely felt the effects, the war was fought mostly in Southern Normega where the Soulfans originally used to live before they were moved to Granitefarm where they would be surrounded on all sides by Normegan clans. It’s why after the war it was the best City your mama could find:you would not be in Granitefarm where you’ll be influenced with anti-Normegaan sentiments, and in any other Normegaan city, they might have lynched you guys :grimacing:

But I honestly will do a lot more work on the numbers. I just decided to put the WIP first, then make adjustments as we go on…

That being said, the first real chapter should be up by Sunday…

I haff majec gurd powas Dey can all fack off wry.

I’m kind of curious as to why the angry clans people attacked the magic Demi gods though.

I get that they were hungry pricks but the amount of food 800 people could make and store would be no where enough in theory to feed even a percentage of the angry people’s population.

Unless the magic lads got greedy and claimed a massive fuck off chunk of the continent that has shit tons of fertile lands or something.

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Be patient, child… All these will be revealed in due time… :innocent:

But dad :frowning:
I want spoilers now :frowning:

But I suppose I shall wait with the rest of the goons.

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