Arthur: A Retelling - Beta Testing Closed

Hello! I’m excited to announce that I have completed my first ChoiceScript game, Arthur: A Retelling. This epic reimagining of the Arthurian legend takes you from humble life as an English squire with an attitude problem to a dreamscape of possibilities, meeting many familiar (and not-so-familiar) faces along the way. You play as Arthur themself (as their gender is up to you) to seek your own path in the legend and which Arthur you want to be. Embark on a quest of self-discovery and make romantic discoveries along the way, with three different romantic interests to choose from-- play as straight, gay, or everything in between!

Content warning: This game contains foul language.

I would be very grateful for any beta testers who would play through the game and offer any constructive criticism whatsoever. I just need a reference to the location of the error.

If you’re interested, please direct message me via this forum and I’ll give you access to the game.


So this part of the MC’s personality is set?

Basically. The only thing that’s really established from the start is that you’re high on the sass-meter, but the degree of this and other aspects of your personality are up to you.

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Are you looking for experienced beta testers or would anyone willing be okay? Because I’ve only beta tested one game before but this looks really cool and I want it to succeed


I would really appreciate beta testers of any experience level! Thanks for your interest!


No problem, I’ve always been a pretty big fan of arthurian legends games, (Bastard of Camelot and King Arthur: Knights Tale being the main ones). So would it be okay if I tried beta testing the game?

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I don’t know how excited I’d be to play as a sassy character, so my comments on characterization would probably not be very useful to you, but I could certainly playtest for errors or confusing passages.

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That’d be great, just DM me and I can send you the link for the game.

Sure, just direct message me via the forum and I’ll send you the link for the game!

It’s the first time I would be beta testing a game and I think that I will really appreciate yours ! (And it’s my first time posting a comment on the forum, but your game piqued my interest !)

I’ve always been a fan of historically inspired and driven gameplay, if it’s ok by you I would like to try beta testing the game.

I love Arthurian based IFs if you’re still looking for beta testers, I would be honored to try it.

Will there be a demo? I dont have a way to be a tester cause english is not my First language and now i have a work xD

I don’t have a lot of beta testing experience but I wiuld love to give it a try!

Sounds great! Please direct message me so I can send you the game!

Unfortunately, there won’t be a demo as the game is already complete. Hopefully it’ll be released though, so look out for it then!


Thanks for your interest! Please DM me to receive a link for the game!

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Great! If you’re interested in beta testing, please DM me so I can share the game with you!

Sure! Please direct message me to receive the link for the game!

Is the beta testing over?