Arthur: A Retelling - Beta Testing Closed

Yes, the beta testing is now closed.

This proposal is very interesting. I’m Brazilian and would love to read/play.

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Unfortunately, the beta testing is now closed. Please keep an eye out for the future release though (hopefully!).

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Hi, @CrypticPuffin, are you planning on releasing this game through Hosted Games? Have you done a public beta test (or are you planning to)?

Yes, I am currently conducting a public beta test and am hoping to release the game through Hosted Games.

I would check to see whether your current beta test qualifies as a public beta test for Hosted Games’ purposes–typically we see a link on the first post so that players in general can give feedback–that’s what I usually understand as a public beta test.

But I could be wrong–I would check with Choice of Games so that you are definitely conducting the beta that you need to for publication.

This thread is instructive but not wholly the answer: About the Hosted Games Publishing Process

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I’m interested in the playthrough whether or not it’s being released, so please keep us posted.

Thank you for the information; it’s very helpful. Do you know how I might go about contacting Choice of Games?

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support AT choiceofgames DOT com.

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Hey!!! I don’t know if it’s still available but I’m interested in the game and would like to know if you still need beta testers, I’d love to help!

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