Are there ever things like expansion packs to games?

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Do these types of games ever have expansion packs? Would that be feasible? And how would people feel about that?

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There are a few CoGs and HGs with paid DLC, sometimes things like hint systems or difficulty tweaks, and sometimes content, images etc (Night Road, Cakes and Ale, and some of the Heroes Rise series come to mind). There were recently some DLCs released for Heart’s Choice too. I did a free update for Blood Money - there have been other post-release free content additions too, though I can’t remember the exact ones off the top of my head.

So in short, yes it is feasible!


Affairs of the Court has it so that you have to buy the next two parts of the story, as I recall.

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Pon Para 1 has a DLC for an extra patron deity option.

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Choice of the Vampire and both Zombie Exodus games were/are also released in segments. Affairs of the Court also has options that allow you to pay to unlock certain desirable game states - such as being the monarch’s consort or killing off a certain character who stands in your way - if you decide to start a new game with one of the later chapters.

The Hero Project: Redemption Season, The Soul Stone War, Samurai of Hyuga 4, and a couple of Heart’s Choice games have bonus stories or collections of stories (interactive or otherwise) that serve as prequels or sequels to the games themselves or otherwise expand upon their world.

All of Zachary Sergi’s games allow the option to purchase an in-game hint system and/or a guide to getting the “best” ending. Blood for Poppies has an optional guide to achieving every possible ending.

Choice of Zombies got an add-on a few months after its release that allows you to play a character with military special forces training. Way Walkers: University got a huge add-on in 2020 that allows the PC to spend more time with some of the other characters exploring new locations and celebrating a holiday.


Fantastic! I didn’t even think about free updates. I love that too! All these responses make me feel better thanks!