Are there any non-Fantasy or low Fantasy The Last Kingdom related CoG gamebooks?

Is there any gamebook inspired, comparable or elaborated from Bernard Cornwell’s books, like The Last Kingdom or the Saxon saga? Uthred of Bebbanbourg and such, with an historical background, bloody feuds and field battles?

This one

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What about Pendragon rising?

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COG Published Titles:

  • Saga of the North Wind
  • Pendragon Rising
  • Chronicon Apocalyptica

Hosted Games

  • The Lost Heir trilogy (more fantasy-leaning, but lots of battles)
  • The War for the West (work-in-progress but pretty close to being done)

seem close to what you’re looking for. Choice of Rebels (COG) is fantasy with some historical inspirations, but it also might fit what you’re looking for.


Not to toot my own horn, but as well as everything that is already pointed out, I believe my WiP falls under that category. Land of Slaves and Steel is about an MC who is thrown, as a slave, into a medium fantasy viking kingdom and has maneuver politics while fighting in a brewing war/rebellion. I am currently rewriting it, and the version on here is very old, but, feel free to give it a whirl.

(Like super old, there are like 4 shared scenes, and about a completely new story line. I deleted like, half the old stuff.)

The new one will be in the adult channel when it is release though, due to the content it contains.


Thank you so much for your answers!
Chnonicon Apocalittica is actually already in my library! I have already read half of it, I like it. It looks more like The Name of the Rose but the historical setting is really inspired.
I’m waiting for War for the West, it’s on the top of my wishlist. More like Game of Thrones though, but the feeling is the same.
I have read all The List Heir trilogy, I loved it, and Pendragon Rising too. Are there any news about a second book? The open ending let me hanging.
I started Saga of the North Wind, but never decide to pay the full book. It was good but not really related with The Lost Kingdom.
I look forward to read Land of Slaves and Steel, which I never heard of before. But now that I know this title I will wait for it.
Thank you all!