Land of Slaves and Steel (WiP) 4.21.18



Land of Slaves and Steel
By: Mikayla Baughman (Arasia_Valentia)

(Another version of Erland, perhaps a bit more accurate)


“Will you fight for me, or will you die?”

This is the choice you are ultimately given. Dirty, beaten, hungry and terrified, you stand before a man with ice blue eyes and an unkind stare. You don’t know him, and he even less of you. But there is a pouch in his hand, a glint of gold; the glint of freedom.

“Will you fight, or die?”

Fire and screams is all you remember of the attack. And a voice. A mysterious voice telling you to remember who you are. You can’t. Thrown on a slaver ship, they cart you across the violent and churning sea. To a place all men fear. To a place that only exists in legend. The City of Hallarmuli, home to the Barbarian men of the North. Home to your captors, your assualters, your enemies. Or are they?

Whispers of a rebellion sweep across the slave pens. Bryn. A chant of freedom. A name, a man, a legend. A hero. He will take the city and free the slaves. Free the people from the iron fist of Leif Aeronsson.

“Bryn shall win. Leif is a coward! He is losing ground!”

A prisoner of war cries. He disappears the next day. The hopeful whispers die. But the hope that now shines in everyone’s eyes does not. No, it stays to the very moment they burn. A mass murder. A grave for those who cannot fight. Bryn wants slaves? He can have them. The fire grows bigger by every hour, of every day. Your twin is almost thrown in. You save them barely, clutching to the only link of the past you have. They fear for you, for the future. Soon it’s your time to go to the pit.

It is then a man gives you a choice. Thrust into the chaos of the world of Vikings will you thrive?
Can you combat their politics, their ideals, their civil war, all while death bites at your heels? Danger lurks behind every corner. Thrown into the chaos will you fight? Or will you lay down in this pit to die?

The choice is yours.


Male RO’s



Your owner, and the one who saves you from the pit. He is tall and well built, with shoulder length black hair. He often ties his bangs back in a knot on the crown of his head. He has piercing ice blue eyes. You remember that from somewhere… Gruff to the point of rudeness, but oddly charming when it counts.
General of Leif’s army.

(His secrets play a huge role in the plot, thus I can’t reveal much about him.)




So called “king” of the Vikings of Hallarmuli. He took over when his father died and ended the Great Tribe War. He is an older man, close to breaching forty with salt and pepper hair. He keeps it short and slicked back, not like the rest of his kin. His eyes are a stormy gray. He is manipulative and more than a bit vulgar. Some people are not always what they seem, however.
Leader of the Vikings.

Bisexual/ leaning more towards women.



Hendrik is the youngest RO is the game, coming in at 19. He has shaggy brown hair he keeps in a ponytail. He is short and thin, and has emerald green eyes. He is jovial and generally happy, but there is a steel quality to his gaze. Some call him to be the offspring of Loki.
Head Spymaster and Torturer. (Odd I know)




A prisoner that Erland does not like. You aren’t sure why. Leif also forbids you from seeing him oddly enough. He is a flirt, and quiet possibly most confident person you’ve ever met. Not much is known besides he has wavy, shoulder length brown hair and honey brown eyes.
Occupation unknown.




A priest of Forsetti, he remains neutral in the war. He is only slightly older than Hendrik. At 21 he has long blonde hair and a baby face. He is a crucial key to regaining your memory and finding out who the mysterious voice in your head is. He is very down to earth and kind. He comes off as a little lackluster and stern, but you just gotta know him better.


If player is hetero/bi female will appear as male.
Male default otherwise.

Female RO’s



Only female to be knighted. She has been sent from Wessex to implore about an alliance with Leif and the Vikings of Hallarmuli. The war has stalled efforts. Harsh and no nonsense, she has a temper as fiery as her red hair. Her eyes are like green daggers, and most of the Vikings dare not cross her.
Female knight/Ambassador




The female counter part to Aeinar. While she has the same temperament as her male counterpart, she comes off as shy, and can be at times. Instead of light blue eyes she has sea foam green. A petite girl in all aspects.

Asexual Heteromantic
Only appears If MC is Heterosexual and male.
(Sorry e.e might change that but I don’t plan to)



A known cohort of the rebellion. She constantly sneaks into Hallarmuli to speak with Brynolf. Who knows why? She is an angry, short fused woman. Stoic and blunt as a club no one messes with her. She doesn’t talk much and despises men. Something about her past she won’t speak of.
Rebellion Member




A cougar in every form of the word. Freydis is a viscous female politician who uses her natural charm and poise to control the court. She was raised by two English slaves, but rose to her status when she married Leif. She divorced him a few years after, over their war disagreement.
I’m her mid 40’s with ashen hair and steely gray eyes.
Former Queen/ruthless politician.


Non-Binary RO



Not much is known of Rowan other than they live in the woods closest to Hallarmuli. The peasants describe them as a witch doctor who has ascended mortality. They prefer “they” as to serve all people and genders in their righteous healing. They have long brown hair adorned with gold and jewels. They also have very blue eyes, that seem to change randomly to another color on any given day. They are kind and calm, but not much else is known.
Witch doctor/possible Demi-god


Trigger warning ⚠️ ⚠️❗️❗️

This game contains sensitive content such as rape, intense and graphic depictions of violence, profanity (not over the top), domestic abuse and murder. Such things were common for Vikings, and I’m trying my best not to stray from their “culture”. I apologize if this bothers you, but I’ll try to dial it down the best I can.

Other Things

•My updates will be hectic and Random at best. I’ll try to do it once a month, but no promises.

•Compiling images with CSIDE does not allow the HTML file to be loaded properly onto dashingdon. It works outside of the dashingdon program, but not within. Hopefully in the future I will have headers such as these.


•Word Count with code is 17,500 roughly. Without its around 10-12k. So chapter One is pretty long choice wise, but not linear.

•There will be hidden Variables later on, having to do with levels of spy efforts. If they succeed, the game will take a hidden ending route.

I think that’s all, I’ll explain all updates in a comment.

Happy Readin’! Enjoy the Link below.


The Chronicles of Hallarmuli (REVISED)
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My top WIPs as of right now
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Is it deliberate that Asger has a man’s name? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I was wondering when had I made a second thread for my WiP, but then I read the full name with the addition of “Of.”
The name caught my eyes, you could say.


Im Squealing right now!!! AHHHHHHHHH!:laughing:


Asger the pure angel, wait for me~


Ooohhhh, color me intrigued! You had me at Vikings and hooked me with that picture of Sigrun. :heart_eyes: I’m definitely looking forward to the demo release!


Ooh, vikings. I’m intrigued.

I’m 100% trash when it comes to historical games/medieval fantasy. Halp.

Looking forward to see how this game develops, especially since it handles pretty heavy/dark themes!

Edit: Also, I will not be able to take Leif seriously. It’s just one of those names that has ben over-used in jokes and gah, this is the result. I’ll try my best tho!

Good luck with your game! :smiley:


So, essentially Ragnar and Athelstan’s relationship in Vikings? Okay, good to know. Definitely would love to see it though.

I love all historical games, and Vikings is one of my favorite television shows so I am really looking forward to this demo.

Don’t let us wait too long!


Might want to change the title as to avoid confusion since there’s another WIP with a similar title. But other than that, I’m interested.


Sounds like a very interesting game and I can’t wait for the demo!
However I kind of agree with @MichaelCrank that the title may cause confusion between your game and another titled ‘Blood and Steel’.


Rowan is so rad, I’m super glad there’s gonna be a nb character in this! I’m used to people only using nonbinary characters for more modern day things and it’s really a breathe of fresh air to see someone change that up every once in a while!


Oh! Lmao yes, it came from a novel i was writing but never got around to finishing. Sorry xD


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have a NB RO, but I saw the picture and I knew I had to have them. And how it would work in the story so, I’m excited to write them in!


Don’t worry I won’t! It should be next week :slight_smile:


I’m trash for medieval games to, why else would I write it xD


I never put much stock into her name. I just knew that’s what it would be for the longest time. She was in the original novel this is based on and I didn’t heave the heart to change her. So no, but I know her too well to change it.


I changed it to the abbreviation from OBAS


I had to make an account just to honestly express how much I live for this! Lowkey looking forward to interacting with and romancing Leif… and potential conflict with Freydis because of this 3:

Also I will admit this is the first time I’ve taken interest in an NB character (besides Macey in Event Zero), Rowan just seems super interesting!


Awe thank you! Welcome to the forum! I’m glad you’re that interested! With the feedback I’m getting I might try to get a demo out earlier.

I love me some silver foxes too. :wink::wink:


Would she care because it says she divorced him?