Anyone Willing to Contribute Art?

Hi. I’m beginning to write a choice-script game which I plan to publish through Hosted Games. I need an image for the icon, and maybe the cover.

If anyone would be willing to do a simple, but well done, sketch; I’d be happy to send you $15 if you have paypal. As well as being credited in a “credits” *choice at the beginning and ending of the game.

My email is cultureunitedstates AT gmail DOT com.

There, I will tell you what I need. We can also haggle for a better agreement, if you wish.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @SamualJennings. If you don’t get any takers who’d like to make you something because they feel like it, for that amount of money you won’t get a commissioned artist so it may be worth looking around the stock sites. There are many that will allow free use of their stock (either public domain or use with reference- make sure you check the conditions for use very carefully. Be especially careful of stock on deviant art, some is legit, but I’ve seen some is reposted without appropriate permissions when I’ve done a reverse image search.) Some stock images on commercial sites are expensive, but others are less than $30 for commercial use. You could try deviantart for an artist, but again for $15 it’s very likely it either won’t be for commercial use, or if it is: of professional quality, but you might get lucky. Let me know if you’d like a list of a few stock to look through.


Sure. That’d be helpful.

Here’s one site. Make sure to read the fine print, though.

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Here you go :slight_smile:

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