Any way to take first letter of a variable?

For my WIP, I’d like the player to be able to input their middle name. I’m wondering if anybody knows of a code that would be capable of taking the first letter of that name to set their middle initial.

Not at a computer right now, but pretty sure it is just



I have a similar mechanic in my WIP. This is what I wrote to get the MC’s full initials, you’re welcome to take any part of it:

*label getinitials

*temp first_initial
*temp middle_initial
*temp last_initial

*set first_initial mc_name#1
*if (mc_middlename!="")
    *set middle_initial mc_middlename#1
*set last_initial mc_surname#1

*set mc_initials (first_initial&middle_initial)&last_initial

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