2 Questions: Help with Name and Variable Not Increasing

Firstly thanks to whoever comments and can help me.

1st Question: I have names that come up along with a ‘input your own name’ and a set surname for all of them. The names that I give work with the surname and they appear on the stats chart right but whenever I do the input name it only shows the input name and not the surname. The code is below.
*label FemName *fake_choice #Adelaide *set name "Adelaide Aleyn" #Jocea *set name "Jocea Aleyn" #Eliza *set name "Eliza Aleyn" #Teffan *set name "Teffan Aleyn" #Ryia *set name "Ryia Aleyn" #Input Your Own *input_text name "Aleyn"

*ignore the format, it’s right in game

2nd Question: I have a variable “Magic” and whenever I put a code like *set Magic +15 it doesn’t increase on the stat chart. The game isn’t telling me there’s a bug or wrong code, it just won’t change.

For the first question, read the article here http://choicescriptdev.wikia.com/wiki/Concatenation about joining two variables. You could implement this by creating first name, last name, and full name variables.

For the second, did you create a value for magic in the startup file? (e.g. *create magic 0)

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yea in the startup file I have that and it’s also correctly placed in the stat chart

Could you post the code?

It should be working as long as you have something like this:
*create magic 0
*set magic +1
and then in the stats file (with proper indents)
text magic
(or percent magic)

*create Magic 0 *create Charisma 0

That’s the startup code and this is the stat_chart one (with indents not showing up of course)

*stat_chart text Fullname text Magic

and this is one of the codes that I put down but it didn’t effect magic yet the arcane one was effected and went up the correct amount

#Training in magic. It was a bit harder to do since no one in your town possessed this ability but you made do with what you had and benefited from your early exposure. *set Magic +15 *set Arcane +10

One I’m about to ask is highly improbable, but… you are sure you didn’t have *set Magic -15 somewhere later on, did you? I’m asking this because I don’t really see anything wrong here.

It’s not likely to be the problem but you should always try and keep all a variable name’s characters as lower case in Choicescript.

Yes, I do believe that should help aswell. For some reason coding languages (according to my knowledge) don’t like caps.

I’m going to read over it one more time but the first variable to even mention magic is the +15 and immediately after choosing that and then checking, nothing.

@Destroya and @CJW so you suggest just making all of the variables lower case

Using lower case for all variables is usually the best and least complicated course of action. Of course, when displaying on the stats page, variables can be put in any case you like, even bold or italic if you desire.

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