Any good romance stories

besides the ones posted on the main site
looking for romance plots or story’s with romance plots in them

If you haven’t played Christine Love’s:
Digital - A Love Story,
Or Don’t take it personally babe

I’d reccomend them (in that order).
If you’re specifically looking for CoG games, bar the official CoG games and Zombie Exodus I don’t think there are that many options for deep romance just yet, but there are several under production/in the works.

thanx the a love story could not really figure out
second one was not bad
any others you can think of let me know

I don’t know about fully-fleged plots-with-romance, but a long time ago I did do a search-collect of otome games.
Ren’py ‘as some datin’ sims/romance/otome games in their section, but the ones of best quality cost money for the full versions (example: Winter Wolves games). Zeiva Inc’s, too, cost money.
For otome games with nearly no plot, there’s Pacthesis, which are free and short and stuff…
Ehh… -brain failure-

Katawa Shoujo is an excellent game/visual novel set in a boarding school for handicapped teens, and fairly realistic too. And its free!

thanx know about hanako and winter wolves
renpy games tend to be more reading and less action
i like to have more control over choices

That’s a shockingly fair observation…
I think Ren’Py users often get caught up in aesthetics.

I can’t really offer any personal recommendations that haven’t been stated above, but you can always browse through vndb. Here ( is a link to a search with romance. Simply check the tags ( and to add a little more customization to the search. For something with less reading and more action/choices, stick to the shorter games. The longer a game is, the more choices have to be streamlined.

You can also check IFDB (, although it’s significantly less search friendly.