Romance... is it a core part of the game for you?

  • I love romance, and I would like it to be integrated sometime during the story.
  • I love romance, and I don’t mind it being epilogue results only.
  • I enjoy romance, and I don’t care either way how it’s handled.
  • I don’t care for it, but I’d prefer it to be an option that would effect the story instead of being shoved in the epilogue.
  • I don’t care for it, I would want it during the epilogue and not interfering with the story.
  • Dislike it, it shouldn’t be in CoG all-together.

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As far as I know, the CoG community is comprised of people who love romance. Like me… and secondly, lots of people like scenes of romance during the story that are well thought and used appropriately instead of happening at the WRONG time. Like 5 people dying in the same room while you’re getting it on with your RO, or it being put at the very end of the story to the epilogue. And then there are the other type of people who don’t play the games for the romance aspect of it.



Honestly, I probably won’t read the story if there is no RO


I also need some romance in order to be interested enough to pay for a story


Well, in cog sure. Its practically the only gaming platform where I can be as gay as I want and not have people bemoan about it.


Usually when i see that a game has no romance i stop playing, unless the game intrigues me so much and then i’d still be a bit grumpy about it if i continue with it, that’s why i mostly only play text based games and visual novels :sweat_smile:


If we’re talking about COG games,yes.


I guess I’ll represent the small fraction of the voters.

I don’t really mind whether a game has romance or not. It’ll be better if the author told me that they include romance in their book or not early on, but it’s nothing critical. If there’s romance, then hurray! If there’s none, fine by me too.

The only exception is when the genre warrants a romantic plot/subplot. But then again, playing as a mischievous cupid that shoots everyone’s butt with heart-shaped arrows sounds fun on its own.

In the end, I’d rather play a good game without romance than the one that has them but crappy at all.

And for some reason, my comment seems to be directed at you, @Moon_Blink.
Not sure how it comes that way. I guess… eh .


honestly, romance needs to be written well, but if the story isn’t written well in general, chances are im not going to read it. so while romance isn’t essential for me, it can show good writing in the sense that it made likeable characters,


…There is another option? I quite like some romances in some COG games. I’ve enjoyed romances in other games as well, and I’ve played plenty of pure romance visual novels.

I don’t hate romance. I just don’t consider it essential. Not to COG games, not to games or stories in general, and not to my life.


Depending on the story, a well written romance can add a lot to a story. Drama, points of friction between characters, questioning of ideals (cause we all want the villain, but how far is too far?), you can tie in redemtion arcs…honestly, I’ve seen it being used as a great tool and then it can be wonderful to have in a game (call me a softie, but I’ve seen it done well and it had me in tears, because I was so emotionally invested).

If done wrong, it ends up little more than a cosmetic choice, and that’s sad for the story, really.


I’ll agree romance isn’t essential to story. I have played a fair number of romance VN’s as well.

Though it’s not number 1 in importance’s it is probably 4 or 5, and I can live with only the top 3.
If romance is involved transitioning well is important as well as at least some meaning to it.
If the story itself is solely romance however it’s a bit more on the side of either you give it significant meaning or you don’t give it much at all those two define the story style, but when it’s story with romance giving to much or next to no meaning to the romance give me the feeling of either that was pointless addition or put the bow down Cupid and nobody gets hurt!
This is the middle ground safety that stories with romance have vs romance with story in it.

Romance is the thing that I look for in most games :eyes: but it isn’t a necessity if the story is engaging enough


To me romance is a must but the romanceable characters need to be interesting and the story itself is great. Romance keep me going and help me to not feel bored and honestly, I would felt uninterested to move forward as if the story itself is unimportant without any interesting character romanceable. So I think the core of my interest in any games is a romance with great characters. If I interested in multiple romance option then I ll replay solely to romance them.
As a conclusion, I would find it hard to buy any choice of game with a story that have no romance in it. Romance is the selling point for me.


…Romance is what I actually look for first in games. :blush: A solid, engaging storyline with strong writing is also a plus, but I expect/want ROs as well.

I really admire the inclusivity aspect of COG, so I think that’s why I view romance as kind of a deal breaker when buying games. I also think it can add a lot to a game.

Neat poll. Thus far it seems like a lot of the voters will be excited about the Hearts Choice (iirc) line of games that focuses on romance. :heart:


The poll is a little black and white, I couldn’t find an answer that quite matched what I think. I’m honestly not overly fussed on romance in choice games, I’ll choose on story strength rather than what ROs are or aren’t available, but if they’re written in well and make a big difference to the plot, that can be a nice addition to include and I’m not against that at all.


I am…absolutely addicted to video game romance. I really don’t think I’d buy a CS game if I knew that game wouldn’t have it, and honestly it’s one of the things I look for first in any video game before I buy it. Though I still play lots of games that have no romance in them.

Of course, it’s better when it feels natural, and believable with well developed characters, but I’m not to proud to admit that sometimes I enjoy it even when it feels forced, tacked on, crammed in at the last minute. Call me shallow…it’s probably true.


Yup… I should of added, “Depends on how it is written” or something along the lines of that.

In Cog? Romance isn’t bad to have. I think on some level most people want to feel wanted in one way or the other.

On Tv and Anime? My reaction for most of it is “Oh my god, I don’t care. Get back to the actual story.”


In CoGs, it’s not that important to me in the initial playthroughs; but once i found a character that i like, i will fight tooth and nail to get the “happiest” ending i can get in the next playthroughs.


omg XD Thats so meh XD here are peoples Shipping X with Y…and I’m like ‘who cares ! Just kill that idiot already!!!’’ .

And I mean with Anime…


depand , if we are talking with choiceof games . Then a romance is a nice + to have . Sure , some romances can be part of the story , some don’t . But these kind of games already have the bareminimum , so a romance just add to the whole thing . I can play a story without romance , or with a small romance , and with romance . But if I had to choose , a romance is a nice treat .