Is romance a must?


Will you ever play a game which has no romance at all?


Of course! To me at least, the story comes first and romance is just a nice extra.


Yes, but I’d prefer to have it than not.


Heck yea. I mean sometimes, to me, romance can hurt a game more so than help. If you can keep my attention enough to not worry about romance then I’m fine.


A story can be just as interesting without romance. In fact if I cant chose it or I dislike the RO options I would prefer if there isnt any at all.

I never understood everyone obsession with love like its pleasant but its not essential.


Yeah sure. I do that a lot. Sometimes when the romance is bad I’d prefer the romance subplot to be taken out entirely. But sometimes it can be used for character development and advancement and worldbuilding and plot intricacies and emotional impact and when that happens… it’s a bonus.


To title: No

To OP’s question: Yes


Sure, if the game is good.

I played through Mecha Ace and while there are apparently romance options, I wasn’t able to unlock them. I still enjoyed playing through it.

I do really like an engaging romantic subplot, but if it doesn’t interest the author, I’d rather it be left out.


The first game of the Infinity series had no romance and it’s one of my favorites. Romance in a game is something i’ll try but to me is one of the least important things.:slight_smile:


You should never feel obligated to put something into your writing. If you don’t feel like a romance would fit in, or if you just don’t feel like writing one, don’t. If you’re only writing something because you feel like you have to, odds are it won’t be as good as something you write because you actually want to write it, and I assure you that quality is the important part.


I don’t care if there’s romance or not, but I do care when I’m tricked into believing there is romance in the game.


Romance isn’t a Must, with a capital, “M.”

Of course I really really really like it. Really.

I’d play a CS game with no romance in it, but I might play all the other ones first.


Very rarely would I play a game without romance, unless I know of the author’s work, since I know what I like and want I tend to stick to that.


Not really, but romance usually gave a bit of flavour to the game. Take the first zombie exodus for example, if the romance subplot was taken out entirely… it feels like zombie chronicles.


Not really, if a story is well written with empathetic characters and interesting, evocative scenarios, then romance is just a plus. It can also be done poorly and put the story in jeopardy, but that’s just me rambling.

So, definetely not a must.


The general rule of thumb usually is: if your heart’s not into it, and your media is well-represented otherwise, don’t do it.


To the question in the title…NO and to the one in this thread yes I would not every game storyline has to have romance in it or at least the main character


Hell, a lot of these games would be better off without it.


I primarily look for games with good character development or at least good characters and yes the romance is a big plus for me. I specifically hunted down games with romance, I actually first stumbled upon COG by looking at romantic graphic novels and saw choice of romance.


I would say for the sake of having diverse types of stories told, I sure hope it isn’t a must for people. I mean if you like romance I’m sure you would enjoy it, but if every story had romance, what would preclude an author from falling into a trope pit where all relationships and experiences are the same across every story on COG or elsewhere? i.e. creating the ‘typical’ romance.