Any good examples of game play loop?

I was playing The Great Tournament and was amazed by its free roam on later parts of the game. I’m a new user here so what are some things to take note of when implementing such feature?

It’s good to try to strike a balance with the free-roam section with the main story, ensuring that it doesn’t overshadow it, pacing is crucial aswell.

Why pacing?

Because a well-paced free-roam provides a steady stream of content that keeps readers interested and motivated to explore. On the other hand, if it is poorly paced, it can either overwhelm readers with too much content or bore them with too little.

Make sure the free-roam content ties back to the main story in some way.

Watch how many branches your free-roam choices create. Too many can lead to a complex web that becomes difficult to manage.

Provide “meaningful” choices during free roam, for, well character development, make it rewarding or have consequences.

Example: During free roam, readers can choose between helping a fellow villager or joining a tournament. This choice can influence their reputation and combat skills.