Android Virus Message

We’ve had a few reports of people getting a message along the lines of “This app contains a virus, please uninstall it immediately” when they download our recent standalone game apps on Android, specifically Pugmire: Treasure of the Sea Dogs and The Play’s the Thing. These apps do not contain viruses, and nothing about the way they’ve been programmed is any different from all the rest of our apps, so we don’t know what’s causing this.

This might be happening specifically on Huawei phones, but we don’t have a lot of information about it and can’t reproduce the problem ourselves. If you get a message like this on any of our games, please write into and let us know:

-What game(s) it’s happening with, and if it’s only happening on certain games or all of them
-The specific make, model, and operating system of your device


Does anyone have a Motorola G4 device? We’re specifically trying to ascertain if the virus warning shows up on this type of device.


The virus checkers are sometimes extremly bad at seeing what are fine and ehat are not i have had the one i have on my computer delete stuff important to sertain games making them unplayable without asking first thankfully not cog or hosted games gameses because i play on my phone

Mine is a Motorola G8 and never encountered any of these issues.

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I have a G6. Will download a demo and see if flags.

Edit : pugmire demo installed fine without issue.


I’m really starting to think that the people reporting these errors downloaded cracked versions from somewhere instead of buying for them.

That said: Samsung A5 2016, no problems.


Huawei P9: no problems

as i said before someone deleted my comment “So far, there haven’t been any viruses found for iOS, and the same largely goes for Android” that said one should only stick to Google play store or another reputable app store.

straying out side to the wild web and you open your phone to some serious threaths


They’re installed from the Google Play Store, people have sent screenshots. The issue isn’t that there’s an actual virus, it’s that some people are getting false reports of them.


I could confirm that this issue is existing even downloaded from the Playstore. My friend personally showed me that she downloaded the Play is the Thing in the Google Playstore with her Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the phone kept warning her. :confused:


Could your friend write into and give us some more information?


oh! Alright i actually got the virus warning now downloading The plays thing

Huawei P9

looks like “Play protect” does not like this

i will do some tests and run the app through a antivirus program to see what it is detecting since play protect does not show what the issue is or the indept reason for the warning

will send all relevant information to support


I think she already send an email but I’ll tell her to send again with the details. :slight_smile:

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Samsung Galaxy A30S, no problem here

Yeah, we think we’ve pretty much fixed it.

Thank you for the heads up! My friend said she’s not receiving any warning message anymore.