Android Omnibus for Choice of Games now available

I guess it would be easy, if the tool we use to send notifications actually did anything other than send notifications–if it, or again, we could say of any particular user “oh that’s user X who owns Y.” We can’t. It doesn’t. Again, there’s an assumption of how things work on our back-end, and how sophisticated that technology is. (Not very.)

Dan is working on the bug you want fixed.

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The bug in Kung Fu is now fixed.


How is it, that it seems that everyone can log in and restore its purchase, but my account (from which I’m currently writing) is unknown? It’s a bit annoying :pensive:

Your forum account is different to the account. You may need to create a new account for and then restore either from the web store or your installed standalone app (that’s what I did, and it worked perfectly).


Are there any plans to stop releasing standalone games and only release via omnibus?

Not currently.


Thank you! I already started to think that I live in a parallel world…

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God, I hope not. That would be a terrible idea. My standalone sales utterly eclipse omnibus sales by more than 10 to 1 last data I saw.


I don’t like the app I don’t find useful and prefer have games separate in my own folders I just don’t like see advertising and more controls that just buying and use. But I am old and grumpy I think the best of both worlds is release games both ways


I kind of have to agree with @GreekWinter.

I would prefer that the Google Play Store keeps on releasing the apps as standalones and in the omnibus app. Currently there is no way to review the games themselves on the omnibus and I’ve been getting a 403 error everytime I play a certain game. (The 403 error most likely is caused by the apps that I already bought on a different CoG/Google Play account since I have a bad memory.)


To quote the FAQ:
We’ll continue to release separate apps for Android and Steam.


That’s all well and good, but will they continue to release games on Android as standalone apps as well as on the omnibus? That’s the most important question. Frankly, how we went 50 posts without anyone asking it is beyond me, but I guess I’m just streets ahead.


From the sound of the answer we just got about that, it does seem to be likely that Android will continue to release the apps as both standalones and in the omnibus. We know that Apple already asked CoG to start releasing in the omnibus only so CoG might keep doing this until Google Play asks the same of them.


Probably it wasn’t asked before bc as @HannahPS pointed it out this was already answered on the omnibus FAQ thread.

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We should add to the FAQ, “Is @hustlertwo busting my chops in any given situation?” and the answer would be “yes, almost certainly.”


Yeah, the odds would ever be in your favor on that one.



I couldn’t find a

Technical Feedback Category

on the forum, so…
having tested all three omnibus apps (Choice of Games, Hosted Games and Heart’s Choice),
I’ve been enjoying enjoying myself greatly. Yet, there is also some (more than just some, to be honest) room for further development until we can agree that the app is on par with the website. For example…well, I thought I’d submit a critic / (more precisely, suggestions) from my experiences with the omnibus apps : you will find it here if you will.

Can we have a restart button within the game? Having to go to the main page, select the game and finally being able to restart is annoying.

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Since the last two games were released only on the omnibus app, can we assume every COG game will be released exclusively on the omnibus app from now on?

No. These are free to win, ad-supported, short (less than 100k-word) games, and they have been released in the omnibus to boost omnibus usage.

We will continue to release our regular free to try (3-4 chapter demo + pay for the rest of the game) COG titles as standalone apps on Android.