An Alien's Life (Updated - 15th August)



I am so lonely…I am living on my own in the Invader Zim fandom!


That was a good cartoon😀


i liked invader zim, though i didn’t watch much of it, since at the time my mother was strict on what i watched.


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Wow. I played the demo and loved it. I think it’s a hilarious concept and shows great promise


Glad to hear! I resumed work on this recently and should have a new chapter out soon.


Thank you Dr Mario. Also i think you should update your profile picture to the smash bros ultimate artwork of
Dr Mario.


Good call, shouldn’t use an outdated picture of the doc.


Are you going to be beta testing the game or keeping the links open to everyone?


Have you seen the new smash bros direct?


And we’re back in business!


Yeah, King K.Rool is certainly going to be interesting. Still crossing my fingers for Waluigi though.


For now I’ll be keeping the links open to everyone. Hopefully I’ll have chapter 3 out by the end of today.


Added Chapter 3.

I’ve tried out new mechanics and hope it makes for slightly interesting gameplay. Please let me know if I’m going a little to over the top with the jokes or deaths in the game. Enjoy, and please post any comments or critique that comes to mind.

Also, I wasn’t able to fully test my game this time around due to not being able to install java on my work laptop, so please let me know if there are any crashes or bugs.

EDIT: I realise I need to add a save system or at least a way to skip chapters for people who have read the first 2 before. I’ll add this sometime tomorrow.




Nice. Definitely going to have the odd 90% or 100% stat check later in the game.


This game seems pretty fun so far, though part of me wishes I could’ve had more ruthless or dickish options on both humans and the MC’s species.

But then, I could be only saying that because I spent most of my second playthrough trying to roleplay as Frieza from Dragon Ball Z (or at least based it on how he would’ve played the game) and found I was enjoying that way.


I really love the luck state it’s just so funny.


Love the new update, and glad it’s quite a substantial one :slight_smile: …But that ending though :open_mouth: , you’re really cruel ending it there for now xd.