American Football game Untitled so far

Hello everyone, This is the thread for the game I m planning, It will be difrent from other games since there will be two stories, One for the offense, and one for the defense, as well as variations on those stories based on gender. Im on my phone right now so I cant say much, but! I hope to have a demo very soon


Nice mate

Sounds awesome I want to tackle people :smiley:

I call strong safety

Its about time we have a football game. I love football and I will be trying both sides of the ball

Heheh nice.

Played back in high school and I want to play in college but the one I’m at right now doesn’t have a team. Played DT usualy as a nose guard but I played in a few othed posistions if we needed to , such as; DE, MLB, TE, FB, R/LG.

Yes, here is a bit more info about the game, as it would be extremeely difiicult to let you all pick you position, then code it to that position, I shall be focusing on two, On defense! *drum roll* we have a Defensive tackle, Nose guard to be more precise, and on offense we have *drum roll* The quarter back!

Now then, Like I said before, there shall be two main stories depending on side of the ligh (one for each) and a variant of said stories for the female roles…I plan to start on the male part first. But should I start offense? Or defense first?

And finally, Anyone have aa titlee Idea?

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@Greenwolf I vote offense first, but really it’s up to your preference as you’re the one writing it.

Also what’s the plot of the stories? That’ll give us an idea of what the title should be.

Looking forward to what you come up with :slight_smile:

It is your game but remember not one side wins the the game you need a balance of both to have a effective game.

Alright, About games…In the game…If you play the offense, I will have places where there are scripted touchdowns, Also, If stats arent high enough and you try to do something wrong, You very may well fumble, Or get picked. On the other hand, On Offense there will be the addition of choosing a play you excel in, Like a play action.

On the deffense, there will be more funny stuff, Like you may block a field goal with your face…Stuff like there, And there will be other team scripted interceptions. When I actually get a demo up and ready I will make a new thread showing off the name, As well as a short description. This is sorta my ideas page I guess you could say

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Okay sounds good

Is it only the initial football games or is a player life involved

Player life is a large part of it as well

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At what level does this game take place? Is it high school, college/amateur, or professional?

It will begin in your final game of your college career then you will go to the pros


Awesome so you get to navigate through the world of business corrupt managers and referees and making your own deals.

Uhhhhh sorta? And maybe half of that, You will have to deal with corrupt refs…BUT only on the defensive path…not so much bussinesss…but you can choose to negotiate your own contract? Or get a manager.

That’s what I meant. Sound fun!

I hope you didn’t give up on this game, I was wondering when we will get a chance to play it.

Thought of a name for the game New talent