Am I the only one who doesn't replay games?

Depends on the overall writing really.

If something is written well and keeping my attention, I’ll probably go through it again. If it isn’t written well or otherwise holding my interest, I’m not going to bother going through it again.


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I played Choice of Dragon a long time ago, and I played so many times to get every possibility, even staying up late some nights. As for Choice of Robots, how were you satisfied with ONE playthrough?! I’ve played it +20 times and I’m STILL trying to feel accomplished with my results. I think it’s a little obvious now, but I replay games a lot. I enjoy seeing the author’s work when it’s good, but if it’s bad I wouldn’t have made it through the second playthrough. (sigh ok, unless it was free I’d play a bunch to get my money’s worth…)

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Does it have to be A or B? Personally, I like the idea of affecting the story based on choices I would make in a particular situation. There is too much assumption here that people only play CYOA games for the ability to replay it over and over again.

@addicted, there are probably others out there in the World Wide Web who feel as you do…

After reading everyones comments thus far I have concluded that I am on the other end of your view addicted. My first play through is usually my “real” play through, unless I either die or don’t reach an ending I’m satisfied with.

Then I will play every option, every character just to read every possible part. (I’m a little obsessed with that…) Where people say they’ve read something 4-8 times… I must have gone through a minimum of 20 times… each to their own :ok_hand:

I agree with most of what you say, however the minimum 20 times things varies from game to game… right? It’s just that I can play games like inprisoned and Choice Of The Dragon 40+ times, but some longer games, such as te Hero Of Kendrictstone (I can’t spell it) only 3-6 times, because of the length.

@Hell_Satan i’m just one of those people who is generally happy with the ending that I get (unless I really don’t like the ending in which case I will play the game again.)

I played Lords of Aswick plenty of times… Not for enjoyment but for the different endings. The best one I think I got was when I played a character I would never choose as a first time character. [SPOILER] The Clerical Kind. At the end it said I attained a status higher than a king. With my power and influence.

Length doesn’t matter to me. I will play until I’ve sated my curiosity.

@Silverstone “not for enjoyment?” I know you want to get different endings but if you’re not enjoying it, then what’s the point?

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Where’s the fun in that? Games were made for enjoyment! I think. Or for military training. But that’s less possible- it’s obviously a massive conspiracy.

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@addicted No, just that one game. Not saying it’s bad but I didn’t enjoy Lords of Aswick. Thought I might if I got a different ending but I didn’t. Maybe I should also mention that I didn’t enjoy the journey either. So no, not always for enjoyment. For the Heroes Rise trilogy, that, I enjoyed.

How do you know you will enjoy something if you haven’t experienced it?

The only other explanation I can think of is that they like to ‘compare’ ( or a nicer word for show-off) their results/ ending, but even that would seem like quite a hollow victory.

@Silverstone if I’m playing a game and a choice that I make drastically changes the game in a way which I don’t like, I would restart the game but to only carry on down the path I intended to in the first place.
when I play a game that I love (which most of these games on here are) I don’t replay them because I don’t want to ruin my opinion of the game and of my first play through.

@Hell_Satan and @fairlyfairfighter for me it’s not about the different endings or different achievements you can get. For me it’s about playing the game once and being satisfied with The ending you’ve achieved; knowing that you wouldn’t of made any other choices.

Ah @addicted, in saying that you do technically reply the game then. Until you are satisfied the choices play through to where you want. I will play through even if I am unhappy with where the story goes. Then change that choice on a subsequent play through. Like I said, each to their own.

@Silverstone only if I die or something. Even if I get a bad ending I wouldn’t replay the game. But like you said, each to their own. :slight_smile:

Well I did fail catastrophically on the romance, which weren’t all that great anyways, but I ruled over Alaska, defeated the US and Russia, and beat the cancer, so overall I felt pretty accomplished. And my first company didn’t last either. But then again, I don’t need perfection to feel like my little canon run wasn’t successful and fun, which it was.

Sometimes it feels almost like it would cheapen the initial experience to go back and try and tick every box.

For instance, as an example, the very first time I played FF7, I ran out of the first reactor and when I came to the top, they told me Jessie hadn’t come back yet. So despite the ticking clock, the overhanging threat of a looming bomb, in a split second, I ran back in there to save her. That moment could never be recaptured, because I’ll always know now that Jessie is going to need my help on the way out of the reactor. And I’ll also know now that no matter how much time is left on the clock, it will always explode once I exit, but you can bet it felt way more dramatic that first time around.

As an author… is there anything you all think we would do differently writing for the one-and-done crowd, compared to the rereaders? Is a game which can be replayed without tedium at least 2-3 times also always likely to satisfy the single-readers? I guess the question of minimum story length is more significant.

And I’m another who re-read Choice of Robots a couple dozen times, just because I enjoyed the little hidden bits of story so much, and the achievements were tantalizing hints as to where I could find more of them. :slight_smile:

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@Havenstone for me it’s not about how the game is written because there’s been some Weld written games on here. For me it’s about respecting the game and being satisfied with the ending i’ve achieved.

For me it would be about how your choices change the story,

If I notice that my second playthrough looks almost exactly like the first one even after picking different choices, I usually stop playing.