Am I the only one who doesn't replay games?

So what I’ve noticed is that a lot of you replay the games which are released on here to see what different endings you can get. However, that’s something I find really hard to do.

Call me weird but once I’ve played through a game, I don’t replay it and so I just want to know whether I am the only one who doesn’t replay games?


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Yeah, you are the only one. What is the point of having a lot of branches and choices if you are only going to see one of them? :confused:

It depends on how happy I am with the ending I get, and how much I want to explore the other branches of the story.

If I get an ending I love, which I’m really happy with, I’ll just leave things there and won’t replay.

I don’t like playing evil, doing nasty things, so generally speaking I won’t actually replay the game to play out that sort of thing. If that seems to be the main point of difference I’ll just play the game once.

Usually I still read the code to see what I missed out on.



@FairyGodfeather playing a game a second time means that you would hath to make choices that you wouldn’t of made playing it the first time. I just find The concept of trying to get a different ending hard to grasp. lol

I quite often only play something through once (though I’ll often go back after a long period of time).
I like getting one ‘personal’ story and then comparing it to other people’s as opposed to playing through them all myself.


I replay multiple times. First time is blind, then I try difrent choices to get for myself more perfect ending, then i mess around or find guide online and reply using one of them…
Heroes Rise i replayed like x10
Psy high x8
choice of dragon x4
the orpheus x5
mech ace x5

I typically play until I get an ending that I’m satisfied with. Even when replaying, I find it hard to play a different way


That’s crazy. don’t you feel that the game loses its magic once you play it that many times?

Hey, bro. You do what ya gotta do to get ya money’s worth.


How can the game lose its magic if you are reading new stuff every time? :smiley:


Though I’m not the person addressed by your question, but for me, I replay a game because it is a chance to revisit the same world, and see it through a set of different eyes.

shrugs I do tend to feel my first playthrough is my ‘real playthrough’, but I also think it’s a sign of respect to the author that I want to come back and do the different paths.

And sometimes it is a blast, especially when humor is involved, to see what the game has tucked away.


It depends if the alternative choices and paths mean anything. Sometimes I can tell they aren’t going to give me anything new to justify a replay. Sometimes, there’s a lot of things to experience!

sometimes i play games twice or more to reread some things and get a clearer understanding of the game. but for long games like zombie exodus i replay it like every two months just for fun. i tend to replay games like i rewatch movies, i constantly do it and it never gets old.

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Do you reread books? Do you rewatch movies?

Sometimes you uncover new things on subsequent readings, even moreso in choice games when the story does actually change. And it can be fun to play different characters.

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@FairyGodfeather you see that’s the thing. Apart from the rare occasions, I don’t reread books or rewatch movies. I guess i’m weord like that.

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Whoa, really?

I make sure to re-watch any movie, that I buy/rent, at least 6 times before I shelve it.
I’ve been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for years now.

Eventually, you will run out of good books to read/movies to watch, and then thou shall rewatch all of them :arrows_clockwise:

Then you’re truly unique. I don’t know anyone else who doesn’t replay games, reread books and rewatch movies they liked.