Am I the only one who doesn't replay games?

Personally I try to get many endings, but The parts of the opening that share for each play through get old pretty quick.

How can code be read? I’m going to feel really stupid if I integrate a cheat code-ish system and every code is immediately discovered because someone shifted through the code and found where it checks for which one (if any) was typed.

I find rereading things I’ve loved in the past rather comforting. Especially if I’ve forgotten most of what happened, I can enjoy it all over again. Rereading books can also be like catching up with old friends sometimes. I find it nice.

I’m not actually that into movies.

@TechDragon610 What you do is you put in a comment *comment CHEATER CHEAT STOP READING MY CODE!!! And then shame people into not reading it. :slight_smile: Don’t feel stupid though. You can also ask people not to read the code.

How to see code How To See Other Games' Code (current info posted in OP and Post 146 on 6/18/19)

I read it by, well just reading it. :slight_smile: That way I get the whole story.

Does this apply only to drop box or does it work on CoG games on the site?

I tyipically dont reread books or rewatch movies either. And depending on length and linearity of videogames, I oftentimes won’t play them through more than once (aside from multiplayer) However with most CoG games, one play through simply will not do. Zombie Exodus for example. If you played through that game, you would find certain scenes where perhaps you regret this choice or that, or really wanted to do something else but you couldn’t. Perhaps this person died and you want to see if you can save them. Hell you have five different starting professions which prompts unique dialogue at certain points in the game. The first play-through is always your “soul” play through. What would you really do in this situation. The others are just, “What could I have done differently”. Trust me, if you don’t reread these stories, your missing out on a lot.


If people start reading my code I am going to replace all my variables with words like “asduh” “okfdosj” “dsan” “busdh” just to make things harder for the cheaters ^^

I can’t imagine spending hours setting up a complex puzzle that can be solved by simply looking at the code…

Edit: Meh, guess I just feel kinda violated when people look at things that are not meant to be seen, this is the first time I am using choicescript after all, most of my code is really messy/not very efficient :sweat_smile: I doubt anyone could learn anything from that.


To answer the thread question: Generally depending on the length of the game. Many of the times it’s for the sake of getting that unique ending that was missed. However if the game left me with a good conscious after thought (goes for movies/books and the likes) It’s gonna take a period of time before I come back to it.

If a game is quite linear is usally the reason for a long stall. And getting my money’s worth on a cog game or the likes, don’t wanna rush all the goods in one time, gotta savor it all, playing one route and waiting.

@TechDragon610 it works for cog games also, though some don’t actually work.

@ballmot lol understandably I don’t mind sharing codes, even unique ones I might or might not have formed. Though understandably I can see the want to not have spoilers revealed…or even sneak-peaks for that matter.

@Ballmot Part of what I love about the Choice of Games community is the openess. People learn to create games, and to code, by looking at the code of other games and learning from it. People help others debug their games, fixing errors, etc, ironing out any flaws by looking at the code. Looking at code isn’t a bad thing.

And so what if people check it also to make their playthroughs easier/more enjoyable? Shouldn’t the most important thing be that they are enjoying it, even if it’s not as intended?

As for your puzzle, if it’s a good puzzle, then people won’t need to cheat.

(Sorry getting a bit off topic here).


You’re definitely not the only one who only plays through a choose-your-own-adventure game once. But you will find it a minority opinion here, on the Choice of Games forums. Posters here are by definition really into these games, and (if you discount the writers and moderators) average to a young age. Young people have a blissful amount of free time to squeeze every achievement, every aspect and every fandom out of the things they are passionate about.

I’d love to see some analytics behind playthrough numbers for the more casual audience, as well as age and gender breakdowns as well. Unfortunately the silent majority isn’t a talkative bunch, but you should consider yourself in good company nonetheless, @addicted.


I replay the games just to see if something different will happen, but I’m not that immersed at it as the first play through.

@FairyGodfeather I don’t particularly like taking a look at someone else code unless I asked for permission to see the code because I feel like I’m violating their space, but wow I didn’t know you can freely see the code. Thanks for the link.

Most CoG games I play only once. Most of them didn’t indicate I’d find that much different or interesting on subsequent playthrus. I also rarely rewatch movies or books, and usually only after a decade.

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Nah, it’s like those episodes in series or movies where the same thing if shown twice, each time some how different, you know what going to happen end yet, you can’t stop watching to see what happened differently- new clues, scenes, characters and so on.

i have to say, you have one ironic username for someone who doesn’t replay things over and over - lol


@MultipleChoice Well said! That’s a really good point. Sometimes we forget here that we’re just the vocal minority of fans. We’re not typical by the very fact that we’re actually here instead of moving on to the next game.

@Honeymichie If I paid for the game, then I figure how I experience it is up to me. :slight_smile: If I didn’t pay for it, and I’m testing it, then I generally do need to read the code (after a couple of playthroughs) to provide some more thorough feedback. I think there’s only been once where the author was upset by it, which I still feel bad about since I did love that game. I really, really wish that they’d asked in their thread for us not to.

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@MultipleChoice you see the thing is, it’s not even about how much free time i have. Other than revising for upcoming exams, I have a lot of it but I still don’t replay games.
@HoraceTorys i’m glad I’m not the only person.
@dreamdragonhatchling well I thought I was addicted seeing as I’m constantly on this forum, playing WIPs and even playing all of the games that have been released on here… but clearly i’m not haha

I guess it depends on the game. For instance, I’ve played through Choice of Robots and Choice of the Deathless once each, and I guess I felt like I had accomplished all that I wanted on the first run through. By comparison, I’ve played Choice of the Dragon I dunno…probably more than 5-6 times. And of course when games are in beta, you end up playing through them a few times when they update. But as a general rule, once is enough for me when it comes to games of this type. Games like FTL on the other hand, has seen its fair share of playthroughs, even though the story isn’t much to talk about there.

I don’t generally rewatch movies unless they come on tv and I’ve got nothing better to do. I re-read books constantly though. And of course sometimes I buy a game on sale and it ends up sitting uninstalled in my steam list. So to look for patterns in that regard… Mostly it’s probably an age thing, time becomes more scarce as you age, or at least it feels that way.

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I have only played a couple of these games more than once. Zombie Exodus, Last Monster Master, Choice of Vampire, Slammed and Lords of Aswick immediately come to mind. I am probably forgetting one or two but the game needs to strike my fancy in the first playthrough to get a second playthrough. Not many have accomplished that.

As for movies and tv shows, I wouldn’t call you weird. I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu so I never run out of new stuff to watch. There are a few exceptions to this though. The Office and Godfather are two that I can never get enough of.

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In my opinion ( one which usually isn’t taken with more than a pinch of salt) I belive - well technichly I’m not that interested in the matter- that the liberty of having a choice, something that Choice Of Games focuses on for some unknown reason, is not that important in just one playthrough, that being if the ending is the same despite different choices being made each time. But if that is not the case I think that playing once isn’t very smart, in pure enjoyment (unless you hate replaying games,) and value for money. I could go on but I would hate to be the person to make you read 13 lines of rambling :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Wait, make that 14.

In my opinion, I think it depends on the game. If the game’s good than I replay it. If it sucks or I find it weird than I don’t. Or maybe I’ll play it in a few days or a week or more.

Im like this also. I will try and play an evil character and then just end up making good choices anyway :smiley:

@Stanlee_Kelly apart from games where I have to play the evil person, I never play that kind of character.