Alternate ways to access the stats screen

I’ve been wondering recently if there were other ways to access the Stats Screen, like through *choice or *page_break instead of just the “Show Stats” button.

Although I could use a command like *goto_scene choicescript_stats, it doesn’t really take the user to the Stats Screen the same way the “Show Stats” button does, as seen here:

When it should be like this:

It still has the “Show Stats” button instead of “Return to the Game,” so it’s essentially just accessing choicescript_stats as if it were a regular scene file like startup.txt.

Not being able to access the Stats Screen in a special way isn’t a big deal though. I just thought it might help spice up tutorial segments like this:

Tutorial Guide: Your Stats are this and that. You can view them in the Stats Screen.

Would you like to see your stats now? 

#Yes, take me to the Stats Screen.
#No, continue with the game.

Or make certain scenes seem more interactive and ‘integrated’ so to speak:

To enter the secret room, you need to fit something inside of the hole. 

#<Select an item from your inventory>. 
#Go back.

I don’t think it’s possible to that. Without resorting to *script anyway. And using javascript isn’t permitted in published games.

You could do something like this in stats file:

*label main

<All the stats screen data goes here>

*if (subroute)
	*set subroute false

*label sub
*set subroute true
*goto main

And in the game

*gosub_scene choicescript_stats sub

Remember to have either a *goto after the *gosub command (in case it’s a *choice and you don’t have ICF enabled) or a *page_break (so game text wouldn’t look like a jumbled mess)


Alright, I was kind of expecting there to be no official way to do so. Still, thanks for answering. It’s nice to fully clarify this with others.

Also, thanks for going way beyond just saying, “There’s no way to do so,” and taking the time to write down a workaround. I might not use it, but I’ll still look into it and I’m sure other writers will find it useful too.

Again, thanks for the response!


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