All That Remains In My Wake (WIP)

Hello eveyone!
I’ve begun work on my first interactive fiction, “All That Remains In My Wake”, a game set in pseudo-USSR setting and is about a deadly time loop.

Demo link:


Here, in the forsaken place in the middle of nowhere, on the shores of forever cold Okhotsk sea, your life flows forward, entirely written for you. You are an ordinary medical student; there’s no bright future ahead of you and in time you grew comfortable with this thought. It always feels here like the time has stuck in one place.
Until May, 25th. The day you tragically die.
And wake up in the morning of the very same May, 25th.
And again. And again.
It always feels like the time has stuck in one place. But now, when the same day really starts to repeat over and over, you find out that your own clocks are rapidly running out of time.
Find out the way to break the loop before you lose yourself.

  • Play as customizable MC (gender, name, surname and short form of the name, appearance and personality).
  • Discover seven endings that depend on your decisions throughout the game.
  • Learn as much as you can about the roots of the timeloop while keeling your mind and soul safe - or don’t.
  • Two romantic options, with the possibility to never start any romantic relationships - or even friendships. This game is not romance centered. All characters besides MC are genderlocked.
  • Unique setting, inspired by different periods in USSR history.

Please note that the romance is not the main focus of the story.
Valery Resovskiy (M|22)
Valery is your old friend, even though you were barely in touch after you moved from your city to study. Despite his formidable appearance (the fact that he doesn’t like talking makes it even worse), he is generally a shy and kind person who wouldn’t hurt a fly. He hides his insecurities under a mask of a calm, firm, levelheaded person, but you know that he is much softer than he looks - and you don’t even start on his love to animals. He started to realize how deep his feels to you are only when you left the town.
He hadn’t show you how deeply his recent family tragedy hurt him, because he can’t stand the thought of you feeling uncomfortable because of him.
Larisa Rocheva (F|20)
A brilliant scientist, cunning and clever person, petite girl with long gorgeous hair and gleaming study record, whom you always thought is out of your league… till that day.
She is the type of person that wears masks constantly, not to hide herself out of insecurity and fear, but to manipulate and get what she wants. She may seem sweet, kind and naive, but she will throw anyone under the bus if she thinks she can rise and prosper because of it. Can she actually become attached to someone? To you? Who knows.

Content warnings

This books contains some sensitive content, including:

  • Bigotry
  • Self-harm and suicide
  • Violence
  • Death and murder of main and support characters
  • Blood and violence
  • Hospital theme, including usage of syringes on protagonist
  • Swears and curses
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Mental illnesses and gradual memory loss
  • Panic Attacks
  • Trauma
  • Nightmares

In general, I will be grateful for any feedback, but especially for:

  • Any grammatic errors, uncorrect wording, awkward phrases, etc etc. I’m not a native English speaker so I’ll be really glad to see feedback on that;
  • Anything that you feel wrong or awkward with the flow and pacing of the story. If you feel like you’ve met a scene that doesn’t belong there, please say to me;
  • Anything that you’ve do or say if you were a MC! I’ve found myself in dead ends way too often.

Currently it’s about 20000 words without code, and an average time of reaing is 10-30 minutes.
I really hope you’ll like it! But please, no real world politic discussions here.


paragraphs could use some spacing, feels like I’m actually reading a WALL of text


Hm…Question: But doesn’t stopping the Loop mean you will get a final death?

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Thanks! I’ll fix that.

A very unique setting. Trying to combine two seemingly opposite things in Soviet culture and Groundhog Day isn’t easy, but you managed to pull it off! Nice work!


Maybe you can find a way to survive that :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Er…a female character would definitely have a different reaction (namely annoyance!) to waking up with blood on her sheets. Also…it’s not as big a deal to us, figuring out how to get blood out of sheets either. With fPC the problem with washing the sheets would be the unsuitability of doing so in the basin. And as for waking up, it wouldn’t be until the pain hit (differently) that she knew something out of the ordinary was happening.

Also, she’s likely to have a stash of painkillers.


Ooooooh now I’m absolutely embarassed. I’ll think of a way to fix it.
Thank you so much for your input!


That’s alright, it’s what you have us here for, after all! :slightly_smiling_face:


You stare in disbelief on the growing crimson stain on the white sheet, right at the place where your stomach is. How can this be possible?
Cold wave of panic covers you; you should, you must do something - but what?

Breathe in, breathe out. You have to remove the sheets and see it.

Your hands are shaking and you are actually crying, but you have to see the wound.

You press the sheets as hard as you can. Stop the bleeding, then get help. Focus!

The only thing on your mind is to press the sheets to stop the bleeding, even if your hands are shaking so hard you’re barely keeping a sheet in it.

You want, you need to do something, but you can’t, you’re shaking, you’re gasping in panic. Everything is covered with thick wet fog.

Okay…this isn’t such a problem. In the choices you just need something about “it’s early” or “what’s going on, this is too soon” and everything else should work pretty much okay here, even though you don’t designate PC’s gender until later.

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Thank you! But I thought of mentioning something like “This pain feels different from anything you have ever felt”. Do you think it can work? I’m just afraid of making it more confusing for myself and the others.

Maybe more a mention like “but the pain is usually deeper, this feels like it’s on your skin.”

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Yes, thank you!

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No problem!

Now I’m off to my own stash of painkillers, which makes this either hilarious or just sad…


Thank you all so much, I think I’ve fixed it. Hopefully I didn’t make it worse.

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That would be really clear thoughts for someone that thinks that they got stapped. Also since when do we now think in our thoughts in 3 person.

And as I understand MC is thinks from the beginning that they got stabbed (partly because of the dream before hand.) So now we compare. Thinking that you got stabbed deep and then realize it was smaller. Is still quit large.

But hey could be wrong. Maybe some women would die from blood loss every time, if they have the condition that they bleed more and longer from even the smallest cut. As again I thought there was still quiet a lot of blood on the sheet.

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I dont know if its an error but when i tried to load it said:

Uncaught Error: chapter_1 line 2603:
invalid line; this line should have a
scene name followed by an error
message: #Viktor

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Thank you for the report! I have never seen a message like that, not in any of my Quicktests but I’ll fix that as soon as I can.
Can you please say how did you got it?

None of that is clear from the beginning, and you need to take into account how a fluid moves through a wicking fabric. Yes, it can be quite minor and look quite alarming. Take it from someone who knows what it’s like to wake up looking like she’s rolled over on a cage full of hamsters. Nothing about the bleeding as described indicates that it’s an excessive amount of blood and (in the initial intro) nothing indicated that at that first glance, the assumption was that PC had been stabbed. It was on the next page that the stabbing “I need to look” assumption was made.

Looking at the change (I didn’t have a chance to yesterday,) there is a bit of a problem, however. The statement “This pain feels different from anything you have ever felt. It feels skin deep, not the deep dull pain.” should be down in the choices, so that fPCs can choose it, and mPCs don’t automatically have a reference to menstrual cramps in their story.

“(A) Cold wave of panic covers you; you should, you must do something - but what?” This is still fine, as for many women, an unplanned or off schedule period can be quite disconcerting.


I’ve tried everything I thought of and I haven’t got it. Saves works fine for me. I’m so sorry, but I really don’t know what this is or what to do. Can you please say at what scene exactly you’ve tried to load?

I saw it as a pretty neutral phrase. Huh, maybe it isnt.
Well, I’ll try to emphasise the size and disposition of the stain. That should work.
Oh god I feel really stupid. Thank you for being so patient!

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