Alaska Rebellion

Hi everyone.

First I want to say, that I really love that game. I Played it so much times with different ways to go.
Second I want to say is, that I am from Germany and my english is good enough for understanding, but not so good for writing/speaking so sorry for that.

But my problem is: I don’t know, how to win the Alaska Rebellion… The best thing I did was to make Guns on my robotarms, let them crawl on 8 leg an give them a 360 all around sight. My military score was about 50-60, first I captured the city with hint first, witch should be good to take as easy as possible. Then I captured the ressource city, the low defence city. By the way I killed Mark and the american lieutenant and make a deal with china, that they gave me some troops but not all…and I don’t know even why but then I lost the rebellion and had to flew to China…

So my question is: how can I win the rebellion?

Winning the rebellion is easy, in all my replays I only ever lost once.

All you need is a good level of military stat for your robots, then you first attack the moderately defended area which helps you govern better, then you attack the lightly defended area which is mostly comprised of civilians, then you attack the area with the valuable natural resources and lastly you attack the set of of those strategically important islands.

In between you could be offered help from a foreign side, and you really should accept their aid.
However go with the in-between option, you’ll need more than a small group of soldiers from them to have enough manpower to win the war but don’t accept the help of their entire army or they’ll just betray you in the end. There’s an option for a specific number of soldiers that can help you win the war and enough for you to handle if they try to overthrow you.

I’ve succeeded in the rebellion with a way lower military stat than yours; I think in one replay I had around 20 something military but managed to conquer Alaska anyway. 35 military is always enough, and any more than that is just excessive,at least in my experience. There could be some hidden bonus that I haven’t unlocked, but such a hidden bonus is not required for winning Alaska.

Military helps you take the cities, it doesn’t help you win the war that much (directly). You gain power for your rebellion by taking cities and islands, by getting foreign support and through success in military vignettes (such as killing Juliet).

Another important key is that you want the power of China and the US to be as equal as possible, because you’re going to be fighting the stronger one. (And actually, if you’re fighting China, the marines are an excellent support option.) If you went full-blast in supporting the US during the Sino-American War, they’ll be hard to beat.

If you can take Juneau, Barrow and the Aleutians, I wouldn’t expect success to be much of a problem. Personally, I leave Anchorage alone-not worth my time because I only get three cities to attack.

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Alaska power starts at 20, while your opponent’s power starts at the power of the winning side from the last chapter - typically in the range of 50-65. If Mark or Juliet are dead or in jail, you get +15% or +20% respectively.

At the beginning, you can get a large military boost by spending your accumulated money - 2 points of military for every point of money spent. Though if you don’t have any money at all, you get -30% to alaska power - pretty nasty.

Your effective military ability for the purposes of attacking each target is equal to alaska power plus your robots’ military score, plus any assistance from China or the US. The number this has to beat varies per target.

Attacking Anchorage requires that you beat opponent power minus twenty, and if successful, increases alaska power by 10%, (most probably an increase of 8). If you fail, it reduces alaska power by 10% (-2), and probably means that you have no chance of winning overall.

Juneau requires that you beat enemy power with no other adjustments; victory reduces their power by 20%, which will probably be in the range of 10 to 13.

Barrow requires that you defeat enemypower + 10, and gives a bonus of 5 military (plus four wealth) on success. Given the above, Juneau is actually a more beneficial target to attack than Barrow.

The Aleutians require that you defeat enemypower + 5 if attacked at the first opportunity, or +15 if attacked later. Success increases Alaskapower by 30% (likely 24(!) on the first turn)

Given all of the above, you can probably feel secure in attempting a rebellion in alaska if your military plus twice your wealth is approximately 50.

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As awesome as the Alaska rebellion was, I really didn’t like the whole, not being able to conquer the world part. Was so looking forward to it and then the game was like, you had a seizure, your gonna die, and even if you save yourself, end of game. Why no Alaska superpower? And for real, Russia isn’t even involved at all in the story line? The one time I have ever seen Russia even mentioned was during a play through where I lost against america and so I decided to destroy all robots everywhere and apparently Russia was in the best spot to take it over since they never modernized their army lol. I would expect them to have made an effort to support you in your rebellion but I suppose that would’ve just made things overly complicated for the author or something. Just a minor gripe, was a very fun game/section overall :slight_smile:

But yes, I usually go Juno, then either Alutean islands or Barrow. If you founded your company, then getting security clearance for working with USA helps, and if you get top clearance you get like, plus 10-12 military I think. Of course you end up throwing the war massively in USA’s favor, but I think the military gain from this out ways the negatives. I usually go and have around 60ish military by that point unless I was doing military/grace. I have been trying to see if you can succeed in getting the giant mech robots to work but so far no dice. Depending on your relationship with mark, either get him to stop writing about you or have him killed, and with that Juliet Crusader chick, just meet her with your bot.

please send a link to me, the conversation have made me very curious about the game?

Rofl, ill try buying the game to get the full version, sadly i never got that far yet.

Worth every peny man, you’ll enjoy it :wink: