Affairs of the Court on steam?


On steam it says affairs of the court (the choice of romance games) should be released on June 17th of 2016…:expressionless: Now, I may not be some fancy city slicker lawyer, but it seams to me that the 23rd is after the 17th :neutral_face: And on steam the app says coming soon… Is there something the matter?

Edit: And wieder still it says it’s release date (on the app page) is August 16, 2013… 13… :neutral_face:


Maybe that’s referring to the original release date rather than when it’s supposed to be released on Steam?


I was guessing that, which is why i mentioned the June 17th release date.


It’s possible that the 17th was the intended release date on Steam?

My assumption is that it either got packaged in with all the other games going live today for the Steam Summer Sale or the publishers (?) decided to postpone it themselves 'til today for the Summer Sale. That’s what I would’ve done, honestly. :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone loves seeing those big green -25-75% off tags.

[details=Edit: Including this 'cause it’s kinda relevant. :joy:][/details]


Okay… That was hilarious. :smile: Back onto topic, I checked the Page on Steam and It had said Coming Soon, with no release date. Now it’s actually on Sale though( I almost never get games when they first enter Steam, except these).


FYI that Describes Steam Sales perfectly.


Indeed. Its on it now.


Damn, the steam store is super overwhelmed right now. I can’t even purchase anything yet.


Kind of surprised that they choose to release it when the Summer Sale started… Might get them more buyers though.


It’s still overwhelmed. :anguished: