Aequitas: The Offset [WIP]

Hello everyone! Over the years I’ve read some lovely IF’s so I have finally decided to write one of my own!

Aequitas. There was a time when it was a household name (…or there was six years ago). There was no way the team could have avoided attracting attention. A group of heroes, let alone a group of teenage heroes, was always going to attract the world’s attention.

Whether it was stopping crimes, combating villains, or protecting civilians, heroics added a sense of completion that other things could not.

It is inevitable that all good things in life come to an end, including the group that once protected Metanoia.

Although the name has lost its renown, a part of you still feels a slight sense of pride whenever the name of the ragtag group of young heroes is uttered. On some level, you assume that’s to be expected.

After all, you used to lead it.


• Play as a former(?) vigilante that is suddenly thrown back into the world of heroics. Once the (superpowerless) leader of an unstoppable group of heroes, you are now job-hopping in order to stay afloat.

• Train a new group of (unskilled) new young (far too young) heroes (not at all against your will)!

• Customize your MC’s current personality (their past personality is a different story…) and appearance!

• Reunite with your former teammates and look back on what exactly led to your team disbanding (and try not to repeat your past mistakes).

• Form bonds with new friends and rebuild bonds with old ones.

• Reminiscence on your past and remind yourself what led you down the path of heroics in the first place.

• Romance your former (friends) teammates

• Defeat the villains and save the world (again). Obviously.


Alexandria “Alex” Andeno [She/Her]

Alias: Elysian

The former co-leader of Aequitas, Alexandria Andeno is a force to be reckoned with. With her tactical mind as well as her unbeatable strength and stamina, Alex acts as the perfect warrior as well as the perfect protector to both civilians and her fellow heroes.

With her diplomatic and compassionate disposition she easily fell into the role of the team “big sister” and it was a title she wore with pride. She is someone that had always given great advice so it is unsurprising that she went on to become a therapist. However, there seems to be shadows of discontentedness hiding in different aspects of both her personal life and career.

Napoleon Jasper “Jasp” Walker [He/Him]

Alias: Momentum

Your (former?) best friend. Loudmouthed and snarky, Jasper’s mouth runs almost as fast as him (a remarkable feat truly). Due to his (self-given) role as the goofball (moron) and prankster of the team, Jasper was not only a thorn in your side but also everybody else’s.

Despite his rashness, Jasper is incredibly skilled and intelligent- a fact that is made abundantly clear from the awards hanging on his childhood bedroom wall as well as his job as a scientist at one of the most technologically advanced labs in the world. However, despite his flaws, you can always count on him to have your back (or that’s how it used to be).

Zhiuxzoe “Zoe” Smith [She/Her]

Alias: Onism

An alien from another planet, Zoe is truly an interesting being to be around. Despite her overly naive attitude, her bubbly and kind disposition makes it truly difficult to be mad at her.

The most (openly) upset about the team disbanding, she is the only one who has gone out of their way to keep in contact with all of the former members. Her overly inquisitive and curious nature led her to journalism which she does an exceptional job in despite it putting her in a position where her out-of-this-world nature being revealed is at risk.

Rowan Parker [He/Him]

Alias: Kalon

Rowan Parker is the human embodiment of a forest fire- intense, pretty from a distance, and will 100% burn you if you get too close.

The former “bad boy” of Aequitas and currently a mechanic, his hot-headed demeanor is what led to him being the first to leave the team and was the main factor in his (initially one-sided) rivalry with you. Rowan is the only other (former) member of Aequitas that still fights crime, of course nowadays he’s leaning more towards “anti-hero” than hero…

Other Characters

Vesper ??? [They/Them]

Alias: Lacuna

The kid that (forced) got you back in the game. An individual made up of all-knowing smiles and snarky remarks, Vesper is an enigma that nobody can truly solve. They usually put up a hyperactive and occasionally “ditzy” attitude…although sometimes if you look close enough you can see something else lurking in the depths of their eyes.

Leonardo “Leon” Cabello [He/Him]

Alias: Curio

Compassionate yet uncertain, Leon is quite clearly the newest to the heroics business (of course that might be because of the ancient artifact forcing him into it…). With managing both schoolwork and heroics as well as being the only one on the team with any common sense, Leon has his work cut out for him.

Juniper “Juni” Kent [She/Her]

Alias: Apricity

Loud, hyperactive, and a bit obnoxious, Juniper Kent is about everything you would expect a teenage superhero to be. You’re more likely to find her playing on her phone than patrolling the city but behind her, somewhat childish and excitable personality lies a truly kind and selfless individual that wants to help others.

Lenora “Nora” Croce [She/Her]

Alias: Moira

Painfully timid and incredibly kind, Nora is one of the most selfless people you will ever meet which is saying a lot considering she is in a group of other heroes. She would give you the clothes on her back and more if she needed to. Just make sure not to get on her bad side…

Sebastian Barrere [He/Him]

Alias: Calamity

The human version of the anti-christ, Sebastian Barrere is bratty, uptight, and just a little bit petty. Wanting nothing more than to prove himself both to the world and his mother, Sebastian focuses all his time on getting stronger. However, there might be something kinder lurking beneath the surface of his prickly attitude.

Anyways here is the demo: Aequitas: The Offset

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to head to my tumblr: Aequitas: The Off-Set IF on Tumblr


Does that mean we will become a mentor to future heroes? I love the idea of being a teacher and my students as my protégés in their training.

An authority figure or guide for young people who are discovering the world and themselves. How was the prophet Samuel with King David or the magician Merlin with King Arthur.


MC doesn’t have any powers? ;-;


Yes, you will be mentoring the future heroes! In fact, it will be a pretty big part of the story. I am someone who has always loved the different dynamics that mentors have with their proteges so it’s something that was always going to end up being in whatever story/IF I write!


Nope! It’s something that’s going to end up playing a big part in the story later down the line.

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One of the surname options is bugged

I tested all the others and they seem fine. Also are save states going to be enabled?

I found another thing, if you decide to rush in against the monster it shows the flavor text for every choice. I tried to test the hesitate option to see if did the same thing and that time it showed the text related to the hesitation and this isn’t your problem choices. I don’t know anything about coding so I don’t know what’s causing it.


Looks good :+1:

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Really loving this story’s concept of being a mentor to future heros and the main character backstory of having been in a hero’s team. Looking forward to see what sort of mentor we can be and to learn a bit more of our protegees. Also, curious to meet our former team members and see the sort of dynamics they have with the main character.


I’m so glad you’re interested in the story!


I will work on getting that error fixed, thanks for pointing it out! Also save stats will be added in chapter one.


I will have to check what is causing that problem because it isn’t showing up on my end when I play test it :sweat:

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Both issues should be fixed!


Nice demo! Vesper is irritating me though (which is good because it means that this character was written good). Is there going to be any kind of option which shows how unwilling and irritated our MC is? Because I would like my MC to emphasize how they could care less for these teen-superhero-wannabes. Not like I am a bad person, it’s just I think that I would like to play a character who just doesn’t give a shit about others after all the hero-ing job they did and failed.


Agreed, comrade.

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I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the demo so far! Vesper is meant to be irritating at first because they are purposely trying to get under the MC’s skin so I’m glad I’ve succeeded in getting that across in the writing lol.

As for your question there will definitely be options that will allow you to be more annoyed/irritated about being thrown back into the world of heroics and even ones that are more apathetic! Although, the MC will be forced into a leader/mentor role for them anyways because otherwise there wouldn’t be a story.


Oooh, the plot sounds so fun and interesting! I can’t wait to see how this develops!

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Why doesn’t the mc have any powers? I understand that their lack of powers is supposed to contribute to the story in some way, but still, why? Why would a completely powerless individual be a member of an elite group of superpower users? Like what did they actually do when they were a member of the team? Right now i pretty much imagine my guy cheering from the sidelines waving pompoms whilst the people with actual powers did all the fighting

why would you want to play a game that is about characters relationships if you want your character to not care about anyone? this would only give a hard time to the author to develop the MC


I personally think having MC be grumpy (in a “leave me alone so I don’t get this urge to help” way) is fun, but I guess that’s not exactly the same thing.


I mean, it’s basically Robin right? A teen super hero group where a powerless but well trained character is at the front.


Why was Batman apart of the Justice League? Why was Robin apart of the Teen Titans? I understand where you are coming from but you could say this about any superhero that doesn’t have powers.

I won’t give away too much but while on the team MC acted as the leader and the strategist. Having a team of superpowered individuals is worthless if they can’t properly use them or work together. That was MC’s role.