Adding more buttons to top panel (besides Stats and Restart)

Is there any way to add more buttons to top panel (besides Stats and Restart) ? Or do we need to alter the .js file? ( Looks like a bad idea since the UI functions seem interrelated, but I see no other way…) Suggestions anyone?

Yes you can add extra buttons BUT you probably shouldn’t. Those extra buttons won’t be supported when you publish the game. I followed a guide somewhere (the forums or wiki probably) when I did it, and I can’t remember the specifics now, other than you probably shouldn’t.

Thanks for the heads up. Is it possible to request the devs for one? (It seems like an awkward limitation for an otherwise great tool like ChoiceScript)

Check out the screenshots for Android and iOS (both the iPhone and iPad) and you should see why that’s not really feasible.

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Perhaps if you explain what you want to do by adding extra buttons, we can suggest ways for you to implement them without needing to invalidate your game for publishing.