Adding buttons to stats page?

In my game there’s a hunger/thirst system that shows up in the stats page.
I was wondering if it’s possible to add a button next to these stats that says “eat” or “drink” that would decrease the number of rations/water that the player has while increasing the stats.

I’ve tried looking in the wiki and also the forum, but I can’t seem to find a way to do this. Is it even possible? All I seem to find is threads on how to add/remove buttons to the top bar or how to change the name of pre-existing buttons, which is not what I’m looking for…

I don’t believe what you’re describing (adding a new button) is currently possible. Instead, you may just have to have eat/drink options as a recurring choice.

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That’s what I’ve been doing. I have a gosub to check whether any of these stats are below 50%, in which case it prompts the reader with the choice to eat and/or drink.

Just thought this would be an easier option, but if it’s not possible, I’ll have to keep doing what I’m doing…

Thank you though!