A different kind of stat button


While working around with ChoiceScript, an idea came into my mind. I wanted to make a normal stat button (which I know how to make) but that will take you to a completely different stat page. The page that button would take you to won’t be a normal page that will display stats. It would contain several buttons (or choices; whatever is easier to do) that would allow you to decrement a variable and to increase another (i.e. a button that when clicked will let you drink a health potion that would decrement the healthpotion variable by one and that would increase the hp variable by 5; that button would only work if the variable healthpotion would have a greater value than 0). The page would have to contain several buttons/choices, that will let you decrease/increase certain variables according to other variables. I know the basic HTML (how to make titles/text/text types) but nothing near to making these advanced stuff I mentioned above.
By now, you’re maybe thinking, why don’t I include an option to drinking potions at every choice? Well, my game has hundreds of those choices, and doing so would be entirely impractical (not to mention less-appealing).

So, if you know JavaScript/HTML, could you give a try to making what I’ve said above, if you want to/have time to? I’d very much appreciate it.


Yes, I could do that for you. All I’ll say is that I’m concerned about doing things like this as I don’t know how CoG convert their games, it could cause problems with app compatibility.

If you want me to do it though, pm me the precise details and any files that might help (copy of the entire game preferably).