Achievements problem

Ok, i know how to make achievements and all, but what i couldn’t find a guide for is an achievement like, let’s say

You didn't kill anyone to the end of the game!

But like i said, the only thing i know is

*achievement kill 10 Killer

Will you kill this guy?
  *achieve kill
  *goto kill
   *goto no


According to the wiki here, you need to follow this format to create an achievement.

*achievement [codename] [visible/hidden] [points value] [title]
    [pre-earned description]
    [post-earned description]

Based on your description, you’ll want

*achievement kill visible 10 Killer
    You didn't kill anyone to the end of the game!
    You killed someone!

Or whatever description you want.

I know that, but i want an achievement where it detects if you killed any people and then gives it to you accordingly.

Create a variable called killer.
Set it as false.

*create killer false

Then, every time the player makes a kill change the variable to true.

You kill the bunny puppet master.
*set killer true

At the end of the game when you want the achievement to appear, make a check.

*if killer = false
*achieve Not_a_killer

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Thank you, you shall continue in being awesome.

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