Account Deletion/Suspension


I would like my account deleted/ suspended. I do not wish to be a member of this community, though please be aware I will still support and buy from COG and HOG. I just feel myself not checking the forums more and more, to a point where its only monthly/ not even monthly. It’s not the community at all, Im not sure what it is, possibly due to a lack of social features. Possibly due to the fact im scared of PORT3R tracking me down and killing me.


Why delete it? You could always just stay dormant, then maybe one day you’ll change your mind. That last part though, I dunno if that’s a joke or a crime…


Im a bit ocd when it comes to unused accounts ;-;, and it’s a joke.


I checked, and sorry, there isn’t an easy way to permanently delete an account. Mere mods can’t help you.

You could try turning notifications off in preferences, or email an administrator at Choice of Games through the support links.

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