About interacting with databases and externalizing data from games

Having recently stumbled upon this great little experimental game(I deeply recommend it, it’s 8mb, you finish it in roughly 10 minutes and it has some really nice ideas), a question came to me on how to do similar things in choicescript.

Is it possible to make choicescript games use or interact with an external database? To tell players the % of other people that chose the same options they did, as they do on Telltale games and Life is Strange, for example?

Perhaps not to receive information from an outside source, but to deliver it without having to go outside of the app itself?

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I’m going to necro this thread - particularly as it wasn’t answered sorry!

1/ Is it possible to reference information stored externally?

2/ Is it possible to send in-game data externally.


I suppose it can be done in the omnibus. But My issue is other. What if the player doesn’t want that?
Some games don’t advertise that have that. feature and I found myself eating massive spoilers about. 30% of your Facebook friends have killed X

And iT is what I call Forcing the player to take a route Same with Virtual novels who directly call paths Preferred pad Good path. Author or the internet shouldn’t try to influence on player selling the reader that X is better, or Canon.

Then why have choices if you are telling the player is choosing badly. Then that means the player has to play online when I play these games offline when I have no internet.

In my opinion, This one of the cases when gimmicks are there just for looking trendy not for improving player immersion.

I should probably be clear - that example is just an example. The important thing is - can the game interact with external data - of any kind.

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Yeah, the interesting part are the new possibilities it can bring, like they did in Moirai. The Telltale one was an example from 3 years ago, lol.

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I am a hard old school and Really don’t want that stuff near my games to point don’t buy stuff based on fancy effects and internet connection. Maybe I am too grumpy old but I don’t want external companies tracking my data and less than that I want to know others data.