Ability To Go Back Options


I believe there should be a brand new system that could benefit players. What I propose is an ability to go back on an option using a special currency system, let’s say a player makes a choice that they regret later on and wish to go back without having to restart the entire game over again, well I have a solution for that, What we could do is create a currency system that could be bought with real money to be able to go back on a choice and make the choice you want. This could be done on the current mobile platform CoG has through in-app purchases so the CoG team and the developers of the game could get a portion of the profits bought using these coins or special currency.

This could benefit CoG and the developers to have more motivation to make more games if you have any feedback it is greatly appreciated by the CoG team for implementing it into their mobile platform and then soon maybe their web-based apps.

Thank you,

This post should both answer your questions and give you more resources to look into.

There is nothing else to discuss on this issue, so I am closing this thread.