A Witch's Path (WIP)


I know but I did warned you guys that I scare easily :sweat_smile: soooo yah you know see that I was not joking lol. I’m calming down now that I’m alone in my room relaxing with my door clothes forgetting this horrible day :blush:



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As someone that luvs character customization. I encourage using body types. Though ‘I think someone may have mentioned’ it should have some utility.

I commend you’re using it.

If you don’t mind my meddling continue to read. If not. Cheers and good luck.

Beyond look and attractiveness, is it possible for our witch to benefit from these in a more utilitarian method.
Say certain spells compliments lighter or heavier sets. Say a strong character has higher affinity with raw power type magic. Or perhaps it’s the opposite a smaller character without natural prowess could be better at amplifying their self. But this is completely hypothetical.
In some cases body types can take the place of stats. In the simplest terms, a tall character can reach the top self a small character can fit in small spaces. Ect…

BUT this is merely my opinion.
Thanks for reading, and good luck you’ve done well so far.



If I could make a suggestion? There’s this wip I’m reading now called The Sea Maiden (I would link but I don’t know how. :sweat:) When selecting your MC’s looks it has several preset options and then one that lets you customize your MC’s looks. It might be possible to have your friends as the preset appearance and allow for people to customize completely if they wish for the other option. I might avoid having looks affect attraction by gender though. Not all people of one gender are attracted to one body type.



Ok so now that I’m nice and calmed from the horrible day I had today :sweat_smile: let’s talk about the final 2 male Witch RO! Yay!!! :sparkling_heart:!
Name/ Race/ Club/ Aura/ Power:
White Coven:
Thomas/ White/ Art Club/ Grey/ Eletrokinisis: Thomas is a very quite and reserved young man who usually hides in the background when with others hiding his face in his hoodie. The only time he speaks is with his friends in the White Coven and even then he keeps his hands in his pockets and only speaks when he feels is relevant. Because of this and how handsome he is, he is quite popular in school as the lone wolf that everyone wants to get close enough to be special to him. His power is Elektrokinisis which is the ability to control electricity he has trained himself to perfectly control his power which makes him a very skilled combat Witch. Thomas is a member of the Art Club and is quite a good artist mostly focused on sketching and computer art. Thomas and Zack have a complicated past and it dosent help that they are in rival families.

Night Coven:
Zack/ French/ Art Club/ Copper/ Energy Drain: A member of a family of famous Night Witches Zack is a well groomed and charming gentleman. He dosent resort to using his powers to deal with people and get what he wants because he is very persuasive and can charm a fish out of water with his smile. But he’s not afraid in using magic if he wants to get to the point. Zack had the deadly ability called Energy Drain which allows him to drain the magic and stamina of whoever he chooses through energy beams, he can also use his powers physical which if he does he can temporarily steal the powers of a Witch he made contact with. Zack is a member of the Art club focusing mainly on painting and sculptures. His art always fetches a high price with the students at the school. He views Thomas as a amusing weakling just like his family views Thomas’s family.



Sea Maiden



So kinda like Vampire House, where you spend your free time with someone else so you can RO them?



Oh wow! I can’t believe you’re looking at my little post :sweat_smile: I feel so uncomfortable like I’m talking to a celebrity because your story and writing is so good :flushed: lol. Oh you don’t want to read my work done one as talented as you will just laugh :blush: lol.
And yes your body type will affect your powers and spells! Choosing to look like your father will increase your defensive powers and your spell casting while looking like your mother increases your active powers and combat spells.

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Exactly!..that was a really great story. Loved it lol.

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Use this symbol here:

In the field optional title insert the name of the link (like Sea Maiden in this case). Rest is self-explanatory.

I think the hyperlink symbol is not listed when using mobil devices, but [Title of the link](actual link) should also work?



I did too, but it was confusing at first when your name is Elizabeth, especially if you (like me) wanted to date Elizabeth :laughing:

Its nice to know that’s how the clubs work, I really like the idea of being able to spend time with your RO and to have a specific outlet like that where its purpose is to do exactly that is always a treat for me :smiley:

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Eh I’ll take your word for it :sweat_smile: I avoid mermaid theme story’s thanks to The Sea Eternal, was not good in my opinion :unamused:. You will be able to customize your MC but will only have 2 body types. I can always add my 2 friends as future characters.



Well, I chose the wrong night to go to sleep over…

I don’t know if it’s been decided already, but my take on the customisation issue is: either you can make it uncustomisable, but then don’t describe the MC too much (if at all); or make them fully customisable, but then give us more than just the extremes as options. Also, your friend may feel differently, but I would really not want to date a guy who was just into me because he thought I looked like a girl (I don’t, but that’s not the issue here…). I’d far prefer a guy who was actually into other guys.

Also, both of the arty boys sound cute; now I’m going to have a hard time choosing…



Oh and one last thing! Need a Club idea for your MC to spend time with the human RO’s. So if you have a club idea let me know and I will see if it works for the characters :wink:



Well he did go through a slutty phase at one time but he just mainly believed in giving everyone a chance. But yes I do agree that they shouldn’t have dated him cuz he looks like a girl. It was even a saying in school that dating him dosent count as being gay. But they were jerks I’m glad he’s dating his best friend who apparently has had a crush on him for there entire life lol.

Oh that reminds me if I should allow the MC to date multiple people or just one? Hmm more to think about

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Well, if you can manage it, sure! :laughing: Maybe some of the character are totally cool witg three, or four, or five way relationships, but maybe some would demand you to be completely loyal? That would be cool!

And… That would also mean I get to keep my human pet while being in a relationship with one or more of the witches! Yay!!!



I was think the same thing about the drama girls when I read about them :slight_smile:



Well, now I’m just torn in twain. Two artists, intriguing in their opposite natures. An embarrassment of riches is what it is.



Nah, not celebrity I’m still an amateur horrifying grammar and typos galore but I manage and you can too. But thanks for making me blush.

I have read your work, it’s got potential.



Maybe a robotics club? It would sort of make sense for the human ROs to be more inclined to technology than the witches since they don’t have the option of using magic.