A Witch's Path (WIP)

i never took up white or black people but that seems to be your only way to see racism witch is sad i see it as racism if a game have humans look superior against demi human like elves dwarves orcs and such i dont want a god damn sims when i play a choice game i want a world filled with lore i want the world to exist for more then just the player i want a world with history in it here’s an example of lore there have been a war that have ending up creating new races that humans and everyone else look down on and i want there to be differences between genders i don’t care if its small or big it could be that all female elves must become a magical pristes because it’s ther religion that all females need to serve the goddess of magic who gave all femal elves magic to fight of the opressive races by giving them magical trees that eradicates mana and later the pristeses became tyrannical because their the only people that have mana in there blood and can rule the elemants and all male elfs need to sacrifice there blood for blood tributs to the godess there i just gave you lore that has sexisem and rasism i would rather play in this world then play in the world your describing where everyone is indifferent to you no mater what you do and in no way can you be sticking out because no one cares about how you dress how you look what religion you have what you think is wrong or right what i just described to you is sims where everything is perfect in almost every way. let me and that in that kind of world conflict would be about non existent which means there is no real point in you to play cuz there is no villain there is no need for you with your godly power to exist you simply just another person in the universe but these are things but these are things i expect from a triple A game that has a company with 69 people working in it not from 2 people i can understand that they cant cram in all that alone witch you dont seem to get.

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I couldn’t find one thing here that was relevant to what we’re talking about in this game. Maybe more an ode to your love of the Witcher? Like, I never even mentioned black people here? So why would you say my view of race is just white and black? Did you even bother to read my post? I don’t know if what you called lore was actually lore. Your contempt for capitalization and punctuation made your post very difficult to read. I don’t wanna seem like a grammar snob, since I often make typos, but I had to say this in case I missed something.

Also, I never said I wanted a world where people are indifferent. You randomly projected that onto me. See this quote above. I like stories where people of diverse identities exist, period. If that’s acknowledged by the story in cool, interesting ways, all the better. As long as “realism” doesn’t mean things like exploitation, torturing porn, etc, I’m likely down for it. Besides, people wanting escapism isn’t wrong or bad, regardless. It’s super understandable.

I can’t really say more, except that it felt very unrelated and possibly off-topic.

sorry about the typos not that good at writing really :sweat_smile:. let me try to simplify it so you understand me i dont really care that much about if male characters get to were dresses or if girls get to were suits. but heres the deal if he does allow it i have expectation that people is going to react to it trough out the game because if i go to my school in a dress people is going to look at me they might not say stuff or they might. I want the caracter to go in in the prom room and people react in different ways but this means a ton more writing for the developer. And i can understand if he feels that he dont want to do all that extra work because he would need to rewrite things and replan something to make stuff fit together and make some relationships decrease and increase to your choices. i would exspect this kind of thing if its a tripel A game that chargest me 50 dollers but not on a game that will most likely cost 2 dolles (going by the norm for the choice of game website here)

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I don’t know what you’re talking about with Triple A games. I’ve never seen or played one that cared about what my character wore past its armor rating. The closest is Fallout’s thing with faction wear (I know it was in New Vegas, at least), but that didn’t add to the story; it just decided who would shoot at my character. They don’t seem like a good frame of reference for this. The only games I can think of who do are visual novels like Lucky Rabbit Reflex. Which, incidentally, I’m pretty sure it was only made by a single woman. She charged more than $2.99 but she included art (obviously), so yeah. There’s also another game that I know I played that had worse art, but still art, and was definitely made by one girl and was free.

true enough but i’m just trying to say i don’t plan on trying to force the developer to do anything that he don’t feel comfortable with. and on a side note it is annoying to see a person say no and then like every second post someone complaining about it i think he very much knows that people want it in the game at least i think so cuz i sure do and he did write that if enough people want it in the game they would add it but when he says that it sound more of a developing problem then a personal issue since there willing to do it but wont do it if its not a must. and i think insted of complaning someone should just do a poll and leave it at that. now that were on that subject how do you make a poll?

Unfortunately by now we heard more about what is planned as costumization instead of the story, so I don’t exactly see how in this case this is relevant. Especially since you are acting like stories that are including people of different races/sexualities/genders would either not be “actual stories” or just not interesting for you…

I’m sorry but I will be honest here: Where do you get the impression that this options will lead to major rewrittes when we in fact didn’t even see one written word of the game? By now I have seen much enthusiasm but with not much planning behind it, I have seen enthusiasm, but only as long as the potential players don’t come up with reasonable complaints, I have seen enthusiasm from both the community and the author for his project, but I still didn’t see one thing about the game itself. And by now it starts to get ridiculous…

Tripel A games are no comparison, alone because choices and writing alone are not that important but also game mechanics and the visual implementation for those which indeed would make a game more work with costumization. But we are talking choice script here. Nobody forces the author to go into great detail about outfits and visuals. Many games let things vague. Freak: Amidst the neon lights gives a bunch of costumization with influences on character reaction, but stays always vague enough so that the question for pants or dresses isn’t even needed (but it explicitely gives the option to define the gender of the MC by the way…), so it is possible to give various options without ending up to go into the details.


No one’s forcing anyone to do anything. People’re just asking questions and sharing opinions. This is a forum. It’s kinda the thing to do lol.

Yeah, and that’s why people are saying they want it, though you seem to have a problem with that. Also, it doesn’t seem like a development problem, partially yeah but not mostly.

That’s not development. That’s just a personal perspective thing. Some of it might have to do with coding, but let’s not pretend that’s the reason.

Yeah, I’ve been wondering about this. How much can we really comment on a story we’ve never seen and that might not even exist? The concept’s one thing, but then there’s the question of how it’ll be executed. (Like, maybe the things I have a problem with in the planning stage, once I see them in game, I’ll be like wow, these two body choices really work or something. On the flip side, maybe I’ll be disappointed by my oppossum, though I can’t really see that happening…)

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im seeing what your saying you dont want people to be excluded right? i hope i got that right at least the question here is can you see things from his perspective because if you cant thats the problem people need to start seeing things from other views then oneself i get why you want it in the game but have you tryed to understand why he dont want it in the game? (and i would actually appreciate if the developer could just say why he dont want it in the game since it would be easier to understand if he did). and this might just be me but when i read your stuff it sound very much like your saying its a must not an option but that as said might just be me but my question is still why no one have created a poll for this. it just seems a lot simpler than sitting and writing down a book of why it should be in the game yes? are you understanding the point of what im saying? or do i need to simplify it?

So, first, this sounds like you have an issue with my tone or whatever and that’s not really my problem. And, also, once again, this is a forum. What you call a book is what I call healthy discussion. If you don’t like it, oh well. I hope people continue to share.


  • Genderlock clothing options.
  • Allow everyone to wear their preferred clothes regardless of gender (i.e female MC’s in the suits currently reserved for male MC’s and vice versa)
  • Add a fifth suit option for ladies and a fifth dress option for guys.

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Hope it’s understandable.


I haven’t been on this thread for like a day and it’s turned into oppression via clothing options.

WTH happened? I thought this was a nice story about murder, sacrifices to demons and being the magic equivalent to god.

I get why you’re annoyed and I agree too but there’s a different thread for that kinda stuff. Though I guess it is relevant to this thread… I’m uh gonna stop talking now😅


I can’t share that cuz of spoilers lol :wink: the girls only know what one outfit looks like and so do you guys.

These are the outfits the male MC can change into instead of wearing there common clothes. Your formal wear will come soon.

Yup saw a video game character and loved his clothes so decided to base the outfit on him :wink: the Art Club and Anime Club RO will love it.

Yes and I have 0 plans to change this no matter what :sweat_smile: because I thought I explained this the first time but there is only 2 body types because it affects certain parts of the story. So no I shall not change this.

Your high school life must have been one were you liked everyone lol. Because in my highs school sometimes there would be people who don’t like another person at all. Like me for example I hated this one girl in school because she was a Biiitttcccchhhh and I hated talking to her and if we did we would just insult each other. 2 of my friends were friends with her and I always hated that they still hung out with her despite how much I hated her. But I also was friends with a person one of my friends hated.
So that’s why it’s like that because it’s High School and that’s how high school works sometimes unfortunately. And it also adds to the drama of the two Covens lol.
And because sometimes the person you hate joins the same club as you??? I could always take it out and just have the MC hang out with the RO at certain parts of the story if you hate it so much :confused: because I honestly don’t see how that makes no sense???

My school allowed students to visit clubs with out joining. So that’s why it’s like that in the story. So it was just your school lol.

Oh don’t worry I just woke up so all my emotions are still trying to catch up lol. I only got upset that day because I was having like a really bad day but it’s cool now.

I know right? I feel like I opened Pandora’s box lol. It’s hard trying to keep everyone happy :disappointed: just adds to the pressure of my writing.


I think they just dislikes the circumstance, 6 people who hate each other just so happen to be interested in the same club with the person they hate most, seems a little unlikely and on top of that there value of the chosen one depends on the person they hate so much yet they’re willing to be in a club with them also seems a little weird. I agree with club joining, in my school you didn’t really join a club unless you helped manage it.

I’m told being a tyrant helps with Pandora’s box situations.

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Like I said, you didn’t budge.

No, I’m picky about who I like and also who I hate. [quote=“OracleD3, post:1929, topic:20209”]
2 of my friends were friends with her and I always hated that they still hung out with her despite how much I hated her. But I also was friends with a person one of my friends hated

I don’t think that really supports your argument for the opposed pair relationship stat. By the games logic, you wouldn’t have remained friends with those two people and your friend here

would’ve begun to hate you, sooner or later. That’s never really been my experience in real life.

Sometimes (which is something I acknowledged when I said it might happen once or twice), not every time, which is what you have here. It’s bizarre. You think that it’s normal that people from two groups who hate each other all end up in the same club as the person they hate? Like, it’s even hard to believe that the rivals would all couple up into these neat pairs. No one butts heads with more than one person. No one’s rivals with someone from their Coven. Etc.

Or it was just your school. Or more likely, there are schools like mine and schools like yours.

That’s good to hear.

I hope at least one of those features some stylish leather options for the guys.

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I already said that I think that this system sounds like prioritizing a game mechanic over characterization.
Also, what when MC wants to hate both people in a club? That would be as impossible as liking both of them with opposing relationship stats. And that really makes no sense at all. I don’t care if my enemy hates my other enemy when I hate both of their guts…

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One of the outfits has leather.

Ummm I guess you can not join the club those two RO are in :confused:??? The Clubs are just a way to grow closer with the RO it doesn’t affect stats or anything??? Soooo…

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