I love the name A Wise Use of Time. It’s clever. Then again, I also loved Eerie Estate Agent far more than For Rent: Haunted House. And I suppose A Wise Use of Time isn’t that descriptive of what the game’s about.

Before I offer any suggestions, why are you considering changing the name? What’s wrong with the old one?


How about Time Doesn’t Exist? The chapter titles are awesome, and that one sort of relates to the overall plot.

How about
‘Tick Tock’
‘When the clock strikes yesterday’
(They’re all terrible, plus I like the current name)

I like the current name too, but if you guys are brainstorming…

Time Stops When You’re Having Fun (Instead of “flies”)

Time Waits for No One… But Me

All the Time in the World

I guess we want the name to be searchable and for it to clearly indicate time manipulation as a theme while being somewhat clever.


‘It’s about time’
Even that is terrible compared to the original

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I know the beta testing rules aren’t accessible anymore. The ones from the old forum contained

So we can offer names, just no specific details on plot.

Thanks for reminding me. I deleted the post; I’ll send it along with the rest of my feedback and save the chatter for post-release date.


@FairyGodfeather thanks FG!

@Sashira you made some valid points and I’ll discuss them with you when you send feedback :smile:

In terms of the title, some reviewers suggest the title doesn’t really pop and as one person pointed out, he would have overlooked the game on the app store due to the vague name. Something like Choice of Robots or Mecha Ace gives a clear picture of the game.

To me, it’s about marketing since the game’s name has more weight than “by Jim Dattilo.”

George R.R. Martin could call his next book, “This Book Sucks” and it would sell bajillions of copies.


I see your reasoning, and in my opinion the best thing you can do is pretend that you’re a famous author😜 But on a serious note, I think the name is great, Its more appealing to me than something like NOLA is burning (no offence the person who made NOLA is burning)

I suggest

Choice of the Insurance Salesperson. No one’s going to be able to resist that game, aren’t they?


A Minute Pause. - Because I like puns and the whole minute (time)/minute(small) thing. Or if you add in a newt to the game it could be My Newt, Paws.



Time Unlimited
Out of Time (Hell_Satan’s suggestion)
Outside of Time
Out(side) of Time
Without Time
An Extension of Time
Extended Time
Time Extended
About Time (fairlyfairfighter’s suggestion)
Time Interrupted
Suspended Time
Time Suspended
Time Off
Off Time
Time Break
Break Time
Time’s Respite
An Endless Pause (FairyGodfeather’s suggestion)
Timeless Pause (FairyGodfeather’s suggestion)
Time Out

… I got nothing left in me. :sweat:


How about
A timeless story

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Time Manipulation Person
The Person Who Could Stop Time
Time Stoppers
Pausers of Clocks

(Those suggestions are intentionally terrible. Don’t have any constructive title ideas, sorry.)

Honestly I think the current title is pretty good, but I do agree that it doesn’t really “pop”.

Some of Packet’s & FairyGodFeather’s ideas aren’t bad though IMO, esp. About Time & Out of Time.

How about
A good time to stop

@Hell_Satan There’s already a choice game called Killing Time. It’s listed on the Upcoming Releases. (I think that’s also another concern with renaming A Wise Use of Time since we don’t want the two games to get confused with each-other or be assumed to be part of the same series).

There are more shared words in that (shared being both kill/killing and Time/Time) than in the original. Maybe something without the word Kill/ Killing and Time would help. Like ‘The Frozen Clock’ or ‘The Time-Masters Wish.’

Yes, they’re both terrible, but they’re also less likely to be confused with Killing Time.

More names MOAR
Changing times
Clocked out
Stop the watch
Bad timing
It’s all in the timing
Freeze framed
A Timeless Tale
Tick Tock I broke the clock

@faewkless I kinda like “Tick Tock I Broke the Clock.”

Not enough to use it, but I like where you’re head’s at.

Crashed game. Accidentally reported bug three or four times, unless they don’t count if you don’t add your email? I didn’t realize we had one line to type in everything relevant, so I submitted one sentence repeatedly by trying to add in breaks.

I very recently experienced some major life events that have interfered with pretty much everything, beta testing included, so I apologise for only sending that one short email. I will make up for it this coming week with proper feedback.