A question on randomtest?

Was curious on what randomtest does in IDE. Bad Idea, so I tried canceling it by closing the pop-up box.

Its still very, very slow. It’s been two full minutes and my laptop is heating a lot.

Decided to do a system reset.

Is this normal? Does randomtest takes alot of processing power or something?

Also what does randomtest do?

As per the Wiki:

10,000 is quite resource intense, and even faster and more capable machines take a bit to run your game that many times.

I would suggest starting with 1,000 or even 500 as the number of times you run your game.

Aight. Thanks for the info!

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I never run more than 100 at a time, with new seeds. Takes too long otherwise. It is very good for finding errors!


My laptop is 7 years old and it’s stone-cold after running Randomtest a few thousand times and I can do any other task while I wait with no slowdown. It really shouldn’t be making your laptop heat up like that. I’ve never heard of that behavior before.

Does your laptop routinely slow down with other unrelated tasks? How old is it and how are you launching Randomtest?

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3 years old, a cheap one, I only notice it slows down when tasks in question are blatantly demanding for my hardware and systems like when I’m using an editing program.

I launch random test through IDE, right-clicked on project, press random test, didn’t change anything, and just launched.

When you say IDE, do you mean CSIDE?

Yup! That’s right.

Though I need to add that towards the end I was testing 1.4 million words for FHR so I suspect the new project will go a lot faster at the start…


Yeah, randomtest is pretty resource intensive. As others have suggested keep your iterations low during your main development flow.

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