A question in the category of posting work done in other programming languages


As the title suggests, I’m curious as to whether you all would be willing to read a story I have made in java. I’m sure there are other forums out there where I could ask this same thing, but I feel the community here could give me better feedback than I might find elsewhere. Will you accept me into your fold?


Wow, misleading title. I thought this was about a work done in other language than English.

So, um, you created a java-based interactive fiction game, as opposed to ChoiceScript one, yes? Are you looking for technical feedback, or story/gameplay feedback?


There’s no rules against it, so by all means post it, but whether or not people will comment on it and/or find it interesting I couldn’t say.


apologies, it’s been fixed. In particular I’m looking for feedback regarding my story and gameplay. I understand that this isn’t the place to look for technical feedback for languages other than choicescript.


You could just post it here and see if people are interested


^Agreed. People like playing through demos, so just post it and see what crops up. It would probably be a good idea posting some introduction to the setting and concept as well.